The Friendly Personality of the Boston Terrier

Personalities in dog breeds vary almost as much as human personalities do.  Each breed has a special trademark making it unique and different from the others.  Some dogs like to bark more than others.  Some dogs are more people-friendly than others, and some are just loners from the start.  All dogs have some common tendencies, but it is amazing to see the differences that do occur from breed to breed, regardless of training or environment.  These traits are truly inherited from their specific line or breed.  Boston terriers have their own unique and complex personality just as all other dog breeds do.  There are many characteristic traits that make them a highly popular and versatile pet, especially in the United States.

The Perky Personality of a Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are uncanny in their ability to sense moods and emotions.  They are very in tune with their family, always wanting to be involved in the daily activities that are surrounding them.  The personality of the Boston terrier can be especially sensitive to the tone of their master’s voice in giving a command.  They are exceptionally bright and intelligent dogs, easily trained in obedience classes or at home with their owners.  They are eager to learn and to please their family, yet some can have a stubborn streak as well.  At times, Boston terriers can become highly rowdy and energetic, yet they wouldn’t be classified as a hyperactive breed of dog.  They are playful and fun-loving much of the time, yet like to get in a lap for a cuddle and a nap as well.

With a highly affectionate personality, Boston Terriers love to be petted, even excessively, and can lick their owner’s faces non-stop if allowed this luxury.  They are very people-friendly dogs in most cases and never meet a stranger.  Many of these dogs make good guard dogs by alerting their owners with barking if someone is outside, etc., but they are not overly protective types of dogs and warm up quickly to strangers in the home.  In fact, it is reported that many do not even bark when someone is at the door, only running to the door with tail wagging, ready to make a new friend. 

As far as getting along with different types of people, the Boston terrier is a natural.  Children are endeared to this dog for its playfulness and loyalty toward them.  Elderly people enjoy the personality and gentle companionship that this breed offers.  They even get along well with non-canine animals such as cats.  All around, a dog with a friendly, cheerful personality is what to expect with a Boston terrier


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