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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Is A Cintronella Anti Bark Collar Ethical?

    Is A Cintronella Anti Bark Collar Ethical?


    Amidst the electric shock and sonic collars that are often used to calm down the perpetual barking of pets, the advanced Cintronella bark collars prove to be humane and unique

    Understanding the Way a Cintronella Anti Bark Collar Works

    The cintronella bark collar operates through a sound sensor that is installed on it, and which is sensitive to the dog's vocal vibrations caused by barking. As soon as the collar detects these vibrations, it releases a spray of cintronella that showers the chin of the dog. Being strong scented, cintronella surprises the dog and controls its tendency to bark relentlessly.

    Types of Cintronella Bark Collars

    The cintronella anti bark collar is produced in 2 models, the sound activated one and the remote control one.

    Barking induces the spouting of the spray in case of the sound sensitive model whereas the remote control version can be operated remotely by the owner via a single click of a button as and when there is a necessity for it. The remote control collar is also useful for correcting other types of bad behavior, such as growling at people, fighting with other animals, destroying objects, or running to dangerous situations.

    Whatever model is used, dogs learn with time that incurring in the bad behavior will get them sprayed with cintronella, and eventually start to behave. The result comes without harm or pain to the dog.

    Advantages of Cintronella Bark Collars

    1. The main advantage of the cintronella bark collar is that it allows you to train your dog in a humane way that doesn't involve electrical shocks or annoying sonic waves.

    2. If your collar runs out of cintronella scent, you can always get a refill at any pet store.

    3. While the strong scent of the cintronella spray calms down the pet, it has testified that it is not harmful to both the owner and the pet.

    4. The scent of cintronella is harmless to humans, so those around the dog aren't affected by it.
    In brief, this article is a small attempt at making people understand the basics of cintronella dog anti bark collars. It tries to explain the main things that people wonder about the cintronella collar. The principle of working, types and advantages of the cintronella anti bark collar has been discussed here in detail.

    The cintronella bark collar is one of the most humane solutions to excessive dog barking. There are two types, the one activated with sound and the one activated with a remote control. No matter what cintronella anti bark collar you use, you'll get results in little time.

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