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    Why Small Dogs Bark Collars Work


    Although small pets are cute and covenient, they can easily become a problem when they incurr in bad behavior, such as excessive barking at innapropriate times. You might have tried to stop the barking with a multitude of solutions, including toys, food, games, etc. Instead of inflicting any harshness on them or just waiting by their beds to keep them entertained, you can opt for the innovative small dog bark collars. These collars have been desingned to help dog owners train small dogs into reducing their barking.

    Static-Shock Anti-Bark Collars

    These collars are designed for small dog breeds, and they correct bad behavior by delivering a small static shock to the dog when it starts barking. The shock is very mild, and it's released whenever the collar detects sound vibrations due to the dog's barking. Because they're meant to be used on small breeds, these collars are very light weight, and the intensity of the shock can be adjusted. The dog discovers quickly that its needless barking triggers the annoyance which in turn reduces the frequency of its bark drastically.

    Irrespective of the make and model, few generalized characteristics offered by most of the bark collars for small dogs are that they are weather-resistant and waterproof. When the batteries don't work anymore, you can just replace them or even recharge them in some models, and you can also adjust the level of the correction shock, according to your pet's size and resistance. They are cost effective and practical.

    Other Anti Bark Collars

    The success of bark collars for small dogs has resulted in the creation of other types of collars, such as the spray collar and sonic collar for small dogs. The spray collar uses a small spray of citrus smell, instead of a static shock to correct excessive barking. While this liquid is risk-free for the pets and the owners, it is repulsive for the dog. Just like the static shock, the spray confuses the dog and stops it from barking. In the same way, a sonic collar uses a high pitched sound to distract the dog from barking.

    In brief, this article covers some facts about bark collars designed for small breeds. It speaks a bit aboot the general nature of small dog bark collars. It even talks about options to the shock collar.

    There are several models of small dog bark collars in the market. These are specially designed for the needs of small breeds. The are several types of bark collars for small dogs, such as shock, spray and sonic.

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    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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