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    The Boston Terrier Leather Dog Collar


    Yes, it is true, dogs like leather, too and fitting your pet with a leather dog collar shows how much it means to you. Some like plain while others like a braided leather dog collar and still other want it with metal studs. Whatever design you choose you can be comfortable in knowing you made a good choice for a long-lasting collar.

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    One caution, however if you choose a leather dog collar make sure it fits snugly, but also has enough room so as not to choke the dog. Real leather has a tendency, when it gets wet, to shrink slightly when it dries. If the collar is too tight to begin with, this could cause problems to you dog if he is caught in the rain or the cat dumps its water dish on the collar.

    Most leather dog collars on the market will resemble a leather belt and with metal, usually stainless steel, buckles some can easily be confused with a small belt. Many leather dog collars are made from bull hide, which provides a soft yet very tough feel and if treated correctly can last for years.

    Colors Depict Dogs Personality

    Most leather dog collars are available in a variety of colors, not just the usual black and brown, as many owners want their dogs collar to stand out from the rest. No one is quite sure if dogs have a color preference for the color of the collar but there is no doubt that dog owners do.

    Larger dogs, however, seem to prefer a wide black or brown traditional leather dog collar as it tends to show off their tough side. Adding a few metal studs can increase that presentation. On the other hand, a small pet may appear better in a thin colorful leather dog collar that more shows its feminine side.

    Many leather dog collar makers also offer additional services such as embroidering the dogs name on the collar or by stamping the name and other identifying information on a small metal tag and attaching it to the collar. This not only provides security in the event you pet gets lost, but they add the personalized touch to the collar.

    While a leather dog collar may cost a little more than nylon or other, less expensive materials, you can count on better quality and the undying affection of your pet for giving it such a nice leather collar.


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