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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » What A Rechargeable In Ground Pet Fencing System Can Do For You

    What A Rechargeable In Ground Pet Fencing System Can Do For You


    Your dog is a part of the family so naturally you want to do what it takes to keep him safe. There are, of course, traditional fences, but those can be a great deal of work to put up, often require maintenance and can interfere with a home’s curb appeal. You might have also heard of a rechargeable in ground pet fencing system but you think it might be too complicated to install and operate. Luckily, for all the technologically challenged dog lovers out there the Innotek sd 2100 is available. Our SD-2100 is very easy to install and it will let you sleep in peace, knowing your dog is free to move withing the limits you set for it, but without escaping or wandering off.

    Characteristics of the SD-2100

    The SD-2100 is an system that works underground, so you won't have to worry about affecting the look of your house or blocking the view from inside. If you prefer an open yard, our Innotek's SD-2100 is the obvious choice. If you have already a traditional fence installed, you can add the SD-2100 for extra safety, by attaching it to the bottom of your fence.

    The transmitter that comes with the SD-2100 is aesthetic, so you don't need to worry that it'll break the look of your house. Also, the SD-2100 has a display that shows the status of the system at all times, so you won't get any nasty surprises or malfunctions that go unnoticed. The system includes a battery back-up and a recharge reminder to keep it from losing power.

    The SD-2100 and Your Dog

    This fencing works by delivering a short correction signal to the dog through a special waterproof collar. The signal is completely harmless to the dog and will discourage him from wanting to try to go beyond his boundaries in the future. The level of the correction goes up as the dog gets closer to the boundary. The SD-2100 protects your dog and keeps it in an area of up to 25 acres.

    Our SD-2100 is easy to install and operate. It keeps your pet inside your property by administering a correction whenever the dog tries to wander off. In addition, the Innotek's SD-2100 can be expanded to cover an area of up to 25 acres.

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