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  •    Home » Articles » DogKennels » Will Your Boston Terrier Need An Extra Large Dog Kennel?

    Will Your Boston Terrier Need An Extra Large Dog Kennel?


    Many dog owners buy kennels to keep their pets in. Some like to keep their dogs in the kennels when theyíre not home to prevent the dog from chewing on furniture or Ďdoing their businessí in the house. Some buy kennels as a means to potty train their pets. Some even buy kennels so that they can use them for Ďtime-outí purposes when the dog has been bad. The thing is size does matter when it comes to which dog kennel to buy for your dog. If you have an extra large dog, it is important to buy an extra large dog kennel.

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    Large Kennels for Large Dogs

    An extra large dog kennel is perfect for any dog that is over sixty to eighty pounds. It is made for larger breeds of dogs, such as Pitt Bulls, Bull Mastiffs, Great Danes, as well as many others. An extra large dog kennel should provide enough room for your dog to maneuver in but not too large where they will be able to Ďdo their businessí and not be uncomfortable.

    Donít Buy a Kennel Thatís Too Small

    Some people with large dogs donít want to buy an extra large dog kennel because they complain that it takes up too much room. The fact of the matter is that if you have a large dog, you need an extra large dog kennel. If you donít have enough room, maybe itís time you found a new home for the dog and considered a smaller breed. If this is not an option, then perhaps you could make the dog an outside dog. Whatever you do, do not buy a smaller kennel for your extra large dog just to save space. It is cruel for your pet and you will be doing them a huge disservice.

    Extra large dog kennels provide a wide number of benefits. When you leave the house, you could leave your dog in the kennel and you wonít have to worry about your furniture ending up as chew toys. The extra large dog kennel acts as a home for your pet when you arenít there.

    Many people use their extra large dog kennels as a way to potty train their pets. Dogs usually wonít go to the bathroom in their own sleeping or living area. For this reason, many people keep their dogs in the kennel at night and force the dog to keep a Ďpottyí schedule. By letting the dog out of the kennel at certain times to Ďdo their business,í it teaches the dog to potty only during certain times. Therefore, an extra large dog kennel would be a great training tool for your extra large dog.

    Finally, many people use their extra large dog kennels as a way to discipline their pets. Anyone who owns a dog knows that their animals arenít especially fond of going in their kennels. They want to be free to go where they want, and they donít want to be confined in a cage. By using the kennel as a Ďtime-outí area for the dog when itís bad, it teaches the dog to do only good behavior. Good behavior, to the dog, means not having to go in its kennel.

    If you have an extra large dog, buy an extra large dog kennel. Itís a great way to save your furniture, train, and discipline your dog. It may take up extra space but itís better than buying one thatís too small or, worse, making your dog forever sleep outside.


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    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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