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  •    Home » Articles » DogKennels » Should You Get an Insulated Dog House For Your Boston Terrier??

    Should You Get an Insulated Dog House For Your Boston Terrier??


    The majority of people prefer to have their pets live with them inside their homes, and derive great comfort from having their dogs sitting besides them at all times. However, there are people who in spite of loving their pets very much, still do not like to have them roam freely in the house. Dog houses would be constructed outside the house for this purpose.

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    What Are the Main Factors That One Should Keep in Mind for an Ideal Dog House

    Just like the house of a human being, the house for a dog should instill a sense of comfort and safety. There are a few critical factors without which this is not possible. Let us look at what makes the house of a dog feel good.

    * Plan the dog house to accommodate the full height of an adult dog. The dog would need about one third a height above his full height as the ideal size. In order to work out the ideal size for the house of your dog, you will need to measure it (or find out how much he would grow into) when it stands up and also when he lies down. Then, to that measurement, you should add one-third of the measurement all around the dog. Also keep in mind that the kennel house opening should be visible to the dog both when standing and when lying down. Make sure the entrance is big enough for the dog to enter his home without any effort.

    * The insulation of the dog house plays a major role in the comfort of the dog. Many times, the dog would face bad weather, such a chilled winds and/or rain, which will require it to generate heat. An insulated dog house would be able to keep the cold out and warmth inside during such times. The role of an insulated dog house will be similar when the heat is bad, as well. In this case, the insulated dog house would act opposite – it would be cool inside and keep the heat outside.

    * It is not enough to have an insulated dog house; the house should also be water proof and capable of evaporating inner humidity fast enough to discourage mildew formation inside. For this purpose many people prefer to give the dog an inner sanctum the entrance of which is not exactly aligned with the outside entrance. In this way the dog can ‘hide’ from the bad weather in its ‘bedroom’. This would enhance the capacity of the insulated dog house to protect and comfort the animal in both cold and warm weather.

    Besides the point listed above, it would be good if the house is constructed on some type of stilts which will allow air to circulate underneath the house as well. In this way your pet would be protected from unwanted pests and have the home always dry and safe.


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