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    The Secret To House Training A Boston Terrier


    It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks and so one need to begin house training a dog at an early age when he is most receptive to learning the correct behavior and be taught how to co-exist with his master. You will need to be patient as well as give your pet a lot of love before it leans how not to soil the interiors of the home. No doubt, owning a pet can be exciting and fun; but, you do have to train it so that it does not do its potty within the home thus not only soiling your expensive rugs, and furniture, but also leaving a foul smell that will be hard to get rid off.

    News Flash  Nov, 19 2008

    Woman Is Charged Over Dog Attack (BBC News)

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    'Miracle Dog' Loses Battle With Cancer (Tucson Citizen)

    When Ernie's cancer was diagnosed early this year, his veterinarian estimated the daring dog would be dead in a month. Read More


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    Obedience Training For Your Dog

    Unfortunately there are so many dogs out there that has missed out on the essential... Read More


    Some Dogs May Not Learn Immediately

    The first thing that anyone who wishes to house train a dog needs is a lot of patience as well as a cool head. This is required because your dog may not learn immediately the rules to follow. It can be quite a task house training a dog and you will need to teach it where to eliminate which requires you to praise your dog when it does the correct thing.

    It is also often the case that your dog may have a willful personality and is stubborn as well as independent which makes house training your dog difficult. In such cases, you need to let the dog know just who the leader of the pack is and also requires positive as well as continual scheduling. On the other hand, the dog may be of a breed that is quite small and will easily hide under furniture or get into corners where it won’t be noticed and soil while out of sight.

    You must remember to try out different house training a dog methods including crate training as well as paper or puppy pad train the dog. Whichever is the method you choose, remember to be consistent because if the dog develops bad habits it will only become that much more difficult to break in the dog once again.

    When you begin the process of house training a dog you can also keep a log of the dog’s daily activities so that you know of its routine, which will include a time to feed it, and a time for it to relieve itself, which will help in setting a pattern for it to follow. Consistency in such cases will result in fast turn around times and the dog will soon become accustomed to and aware of these routines and thus free you of the worry of it soiling your home.


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