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    How to handle two Dogs


    It's quite common for Boston Terrier owners to consider adding a second dog to their family. The main reason for adding the second puppy is to provide additional companionship to the original dog. Before considering adding a second dog in your family there are some things that you will need to consider or stop owning two dogs is obviously doubling your responsibility towards your dogs.

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    Immediately you are increasing your costs in terms of veterinarian bills, boarding, grooming, as well as food costs. Of course this is not to mention the additional time that you will need to commit to ward the care of your dogs. So you will really need to ask yourself if you are ready that this additional responsibility. Before jumping in and buying the second dog be sure to discuss this with all your family members.

    Gaining a consensus within your family about adding a new dog will go a long way to ensuring a combined family effort to ward caring for your dogs. Another thing to consider is that your older dog may need a little time to adjust to the new puppy in the family, especially since your attention focused toward your older dog will be half. Try not to make the mistake of concentrating all your attention on the new dog. This is not fair to the older dog and may cause him or her to act out in order to gain more of your attention.

    As part of your decision-making process about adding a second dog, please ask yourself what your main reason is for a wanting to do this. If your intention is simply to provide additional companionship to your older dog because you haven't been able to spend enough time with him or her, then you really need to question whether you will have the time to devote to not only the new puppy by also a family with two dogs. If you don't have enough time to the first dog, then you need to ask yourself how you will find more time to devote to two dogs.

    In saying this though, life can be twice the fun with two dogs. If you are already a committed dog owner with your first dog, and spend loads of time exercising your Boston Terrier, and grooming your dog and more importantly training your dog, then providing you have the time, you will love having a second dog.


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