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  •    Home » Articles » DogTrainingCollars » No More Bad Dog Behavior With The FS-15

    No More Bad Dog Behavior With The FS-15


    A continuously wagging tail is far more welcome than an incessantly barking dog. Not only does loud, constant barking disturb people in the neighborhood, it can affect the relationship between pet and owner too. What is a dog owner to do? Some people take their dogs to the veterinarian, only to be told that barking is a natural thing for dogs. However, another very acceptable option is to use dog training devices.

    It's not easy to generalize dog training devices, as there are many models of training collars and other gadgets in the market. What’s more, differentiating one dog trainer brand from another was just as difficult, if not confusing. While reviewing, we came up to one collar that caught our interest. This collar is the FS-15.

    Are the People Who Bought the FS-15 Satisfied?

    Yes, they are and so are their dogs. Satisfaction surveys have shown that the FS-15 is very effective in training, and it has worked on both small dogs and big dogs. Also, people who have never trained dogs find that the collar is very simple to use and they have been able to train their dogs without professional help.

    When questioned further as to whether there were other reasons for buying the Innotek's FS-15, virtually all first-time users pointed to the feather-light and miniscule (pocket/keychain-fitting) size of its remote; the wide operational range; and the many new and useful features and benefits

    Is the FS-15 Useful?

    One can surely describe it as that. The FS-15 comes with a variety of feturres that make it extremely useful. This also explains why the collar is so popular with people who have never trained dogs before.

    Here are some of the most mentioned features of the collar:

    One-button operation

    Resistance to water

    Effective 150-yard operational range

    Seven different levels of correction

    A selection of three tone options

    The collar can withstand rough treatment from the dog

    Collar status-indicating LED light. And more.

    In conclusion, the FS-15 is a very effective training device that anyone can use in order to teach his or her dog good manners. The instructional DVD/manual, included in the package, is extremely helpful, as is the FREE, professional (hotline-aided) training and support provided by Innotek.

    While there are many training collars in the market, the FS-15 is one of the best ones. That's because the Innotek's FS-15 is extremely effective and easy to use. It also has the support of a help hotline.

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    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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