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    Dog Doors: No More Interruptions


    For people who are too busy or spend most of the time on the second floor of their house, dog doors are a great solution for not having to open the door for the dog every time it needs to go out. They not only relieve you of the pain and frustration that you have been undergoing with assisting them but also prove to be a comfortable means of security to your dogs.

    Different Sorts of Dog Doors

    There are several sorts of dog doors; some of the most common are plastic doors, metal doors, glass doors, and even electronic dog doors

    Plastic doors are usually transparent so dogs can see people inside the house and avoid bumping into them. However, that also means that people who are willing to crouch or lie down will see inside your house. Metal doors are the most resistant, but they might be too heavy for your dog to push open and they tend to make noise with time.

    Glass doors are prefered by people who want something transparent. The most modern and technologically advanced of them all by far is the electronic dog door. These have a remote key attached to their collar that enables automatic opening and closing of the door using magnets.

    A Few Pointers for Selecting the Right Dog Door

    Take your priorities into consideration first. Some people don't like transparent dogs because they don't want outsiders to see into their houses, while others believe that the extra sunlight is a welcome addition. Measure the size of your dog and try to purchase dog doors of suitable size for that would make it compact and impressive. Although it might sound obvious, some dog owners buy doors for their puppies and forget that they will outgrow them in very little time.

    Training of the dog to use the door is pretty simple. If you show him how to use it for a couple of times, he is likely to pick it up. If you have the money, always get a professional to install the door.

    For some people, dog doors means no interruptions when cooking, sleeping, or watching TV. They allow your dog to go to the yard by itself. When comparing dog doors, consider your dog's size above all.

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