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  •    Home » Articles » PetDoors » The Electronic Pet Door: Freedom For Your Dog, Rest For You

    The Electronic Pet Door: Freedom For Your Dog, Rest For You


    The electronic dog door is powered either by batteries, electrical plugs or by both. This type of pet door is not only convenient for the pet and its owners it is also a smart choice for dogs. It is designed to open only to the dog that is wearing a collar that the door can recognize through its detectors. This will keep other animals and potential crooks from entering the house. Naturally, these types of automatic dog doors are more expensive, but their benefits justify it.

    One of the advantages of these doors is that, unlike regular pet doors, they can't be pushed open and will always be closed, keeping water and snow from coming into the house. In addition, while a regular dog door will let your dog in too, only the automatic dog door will close and lock after your dog is inside, maybe saving it from attacks from other dogs or mean children.

    How do they work?

    Although they can vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, these doors usually work in the same way. The dog has to wear a collar, which in turn emits an infrared or a magnetic frequency; this frequency can be picked up by the door's sensors and it causes the door to open.

    It doesn't matter if your dog approaches the door from inside the house or outside of it; the door will open itself and then it will lock itself again. Some models also include a remote control which allows the owner to open and close the door and leave it like that, regardless of the dog's movements.

    A electronic pet door has sensors that can even detect the size of the being that approaches it, telling human from animal, and thus it won't open for burglars, even if they somehow get hold of the collar.


    Most are reasonably priced starting at around $40 dollars but depending on the various features selected they can cost up to $700 dollars

    Extra features include several locking modes and aesthetic designs.

    The electronic dog door is powered by normal electrical current or by batteries. It locks after the dog comes in, keeping animals and rain outside. Depending on your specific electronic pet door model, you may get different features.

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    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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