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  • Boston Terriers are a Great Addition to the Family

    Owning pets is a wonderful part of life, and there are many choices when it comes to pets. Several factors determine what type of pet someone wants to own. Do you have an active lifestyle with lots of time to spend one-on-one with a pet? Maybe man’s best friend, the dog, would be a good choice for you? Are you a more laid-back person who likes your space and lives alone in an apartment? Perhaps a kitten would be more suitable for you. Whatever your tastes in pets, you can find the perfect fit when you look for one - a wonderful fit for many people’s active lifestyle is a Boston Terrier.

    There is of course only one Boston terrier type, however they have started to be bred less selectively as of late to try and remove the aggressive terrier gene that they carry in their blood. This is one of the main focuses of Boston terrier breeders and has been for the last century.

    In this section, we will be looking into the fascinating life of the Boston Terrier. We would like to help both owners and those who are interested in owning a Boston Terrier to understand their dog’s history, their special and unique temperament, how to take care of puppies, and how to find quality breeders. In addition, one can learn about Boston terrier training and understanding the different types of Boston Terriers too.

    Boston terrier puppies are generally born very small and are also incredibly cute. They require the average amount of care necessary for most puppies, however they can become aggressive to one another on occasions, especially during feeding times.

    Enjoying Life with a Boston Terrier

    Life with a Boston terrier can indeed be a wonderful adventure. These dogs have a friendly and loving personality toward their owners. Boston terrier training is relatively easy, as these dogs respond well to those who care for them. Taking care of puppies requires time and patience, as it does with any puppy breed. As puppies, they are like human babies in many ways, very dependent upon their owners for all their needs - and extremely playful! A day can never be boring when these little balls of love are around.

    As the puppies grow into adult dogs, they make loyal and playful companions for their caretakers. They desire to be with people and many are known to be quite affectionate. The term, “This dog is licking me to death!” may apply to the Boston terrier. Yet, some can also be more independent types. They generally do well with a wide variety of people, from children to the elderly.

    What about Boston terrier care? Well there is in fact very little to know about caring for your Boston terrier as they are very self sufficient and don’t require a lot of time and effort from your part. With this said however, they do contain the terrier genes, which means they can become very snappy at times. This can be fixed by creating a very sociable environment during their younger years.

    The friendly and people-loving nature of this breed makes is a good choice for many families. Once owning this type of dog, many want to become breeders, earning extra income while taking care of the pets they love. Others may opt to become a part of a Boston terrier rescue group to help those dogs who have no home or who have been abandoned, abused or are ill. There are many ways to love and help these cute and loyal dogs along with owning them. Learning about the Boston terrier dog is a worthy pursuit, and one which will produce great benefits for you and yours.


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    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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