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  • Review:

    Dog Training Masters Home Study Course

    Editors Rating: (5 Stars out of 5 Stars)


    The Dog Training Masters Home Study Course is by far the “Top Dog” when it comes to learning how to train your dog!

     Nothing has been left out! It is logically laid out and easy to follow. There is a theory component as well as a practical one, which guides you to creating a training plan for your dog. While this course is simple in design, it is also very effective.

     Make no mistake; the Dog Training Masters Home Study Course is the perfect one-stop-shop for you to get your dog to behave exactly how you want him to without resorting to punishments or other drastic measures. This program is very simple and offers a step by step process. This will work on any breed of dog regardless of the training experience you have or the problem you are trying to solve. This makes it the perfect program for new pet owners as well as for old pros.

    Table Of Contents:

    Click to see larger Image


    This course is structured around 5 hours of professionally recorded interviews with a “Real” expert dog trainer. These audio recordings go from the basics, right through to advanced problem solving. It’s like having a personal dog trainer hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to train your dog. Nothing is left out!

     The real kicker has to do with the “Plan Of Action” Document you get. You actually create a real life obedience training plan of action to follow, which is specifically tailored to your dog and your situation. No other product has this!

     Added to this are the comprehensive eBooks, such as the Training Manuals, and study guides that you get to make this a feature packed product.


    At first I was a little hesitant about this course because of the price. It is about $30 more expensive than the others! So the $67 price tag is a little daunting. But after I went through this course, I realized that you really do get what you pay for. After all, you can’t get a Rolls Royce with just spare change.


    Although the price is a very important consideration, I think it really comes down to whether it represents good value for money. This, I know is quite subjective, but in comparison to the other products reviewed, I would have easily paid more for it. This is the most expensive product reviewed, but at the same time, is also the one that offers the highest quality and quantity of content.  

    While this course is certainly worth the investment, you will also get wonderful bonus products. I found them to be very valuable and you will too. Here’s a list of the Bonus eBooks you get with this course: 

    1. “Secrets to Good Doggy Nutrition”.

    2. “101 recipes to cook for your Dog”

    3. “How to Choose the Right Vet for your Dog”

    4. 13 Amazing Tricks you can Teach Your Dog

    5. Dog Grooming Secrets

    6. How to Solve Canine Aggression

    7. How to Prevent Future Doggy Behavior Problems

    8. Is Dog Insurance Worth It?

    9. One on one email consultation

     With so many great bonus features, the cost of Dog Training Masters Home Study Course more than pays for itself!  

    If you are looking for the best product available, then this is it.

    For More Information go to Dog Training Masters Home Study Course

    Here are a what a few owners of this course had to say about it:

     "Hi Ray,

    Your new Training Course is excellent. I like how it is outlined and also the highlighting you used. It makes it easier to refer back to the information. The fact that it is easy to follow and in layman's terms, is a big plus with me. I am a breeder of Red & White Beagles. I am able to answer a lot of my customers questions about training their new puppy, with the help of your training manuals. I have been using the spray bottle technique, to keep them from jumping on people. It works so well and I am very pleased to find this easy solution to my problem. This training course is an important tool for me to have access to, and I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this together. I liked the audio of you and Trish. It was like being there and hearing solutions to questions of concerns that dog owners have. After reading through the manual, I found a lot of very valuable information and how not to let bad behavioral habits get started. Bad habits can be hard to break, but it can be done with the help of this training manual. Thank you for successfully writing another great training manual. I know it will be appreciated by all who studies it. (Rose and Rusty, my beagles, appreciate it too)."


    Judith Collins

    Heltonville, IN USA
    "First off I just want to say thank you so much!

    The techniques I learned from your course played a BIG part in helping me to stop my "Reba" jumping all over me!!

    As I write this I'm still finding it hard to believe. I had almost given up trying to sort this thing out because nothing I tried seemed to work. To be honest I thought your course would be no different.

    I followed your plan after listening to the audio, and now I have a brand new dog.. I can't believe it. So that's why I made the time to write you because the change in Reba has been incredible.

    Where to start! I think one of the best things was your step-by-step approach. I liked how everything fell into place and I ended up with my own plan on how to train Reba.

    I also realized that it's paying attention to the smaller details and having your strategy in place before you start the training, that makes all the difference.

    You have put together a real winner with your course.


    Thanks Again!"

    Helen King
    Orlando, Fl

    Before I got your Dog Training Course, my gorgeous husky named Casper, would always pee and poop around my house. His favorite spot was right in front of my couch on our Rug!

    This drove us mad, and when your offer came up to become part of a pre-release group of your course, I thought I would try it out.

    Listening to Trish, your dog trainer, made it all so clear to me, and then I worked on doing my Plan. What I liked most about the Plan, was I was able to show my wife and my two teenagers, so they knew what I was working on.

    So what happened was, we all went through the plan of action form you provided, and we all had a role in it.

    It took about ten days for us to realize we hadn't had an accident in the house for over a week, and this was a big change for us.

    It really is a great course, and I haven't stopped raving about it. I am thrilled that I was able to get a copy of it.

    Thanks so much"

    Robert Hastings
    Fresno, CA
     "Hi Ray

    I just finished your course and I still cant believe you got a trainer to reveal so much about how to train dogs. I really liked how logical it all connected in together, and how complete it was in covering so many areas. My favorite was the Dog Psychology audio. I am currently working on my Plan and can see how effective this will be even before I start using my plan. This is an incredible course and by far the best I have seen around.

    Thanks for putting it together"

    Marion Worley

    Yuma, Arizona, USA
     "Hi Ray

    The one thing I wanted to stop my dog doing was chewing! I'd get so annoyed when I go out and come back and something destroyed. This drove me bananas.

    Anyway, I jumped at the chance to try your course out. I really didn't know what to expect, but I loved your other books, so I knew this would be good as well.

    I loved the way you combined your expert dog trainer - Trish with a solid process for putting a plan into practice. This was really different and I didn't expect that!

    So, I listened to everything, and did everything you told me to do. I came out with a plan of action that my whole family followed.

    Now I can't believe it. it is like we have a different dog. No more chewing.....

    Your tactics and techniques and insider information have totally changed my dog FOREVER. Now, people are coming up to ME for advice to help with training their dog. I just tell them your web site.

    Thank you so much, your course really made a special change to our dog."

    Mary Blewitt
    Chandler AZ

    You can read more comments about this product on their website:

    For more Information, visit Dog Training Masters Home Study Course

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