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  • Review:

    Dog Training Mastery - An Owners Manual!

    Editors Rating: (4 Stars out of 5 Stars)


    The e-book “Dog Training Mastery - An Owner’s Manual” is an easy to follow comprehensive book that is designed to help you quickly and efficiently train your dog in a variety of areas. From the same author that produced the “Dog Training Home Study Course”; this product offers a similar high standard of quality and expertise that we’ve come to expect from him.



    Table Of Contents:

    Click to see larger Image

    The main point of difference this product offers, compared to other eBook based products, is his canine communication system. Dog Training Mastery focuses on four key areas:

    1. Dog Psychology

    2. Canine Learning Theory

    3. Obedience Training

    4. Problem Solving

     The main premise is that you must first understand your dog, before you can try and shape his behavior. This eBook has been designed in a way that is logical and easy to follow. It cleverly guides you through these four steps, and simplifies the whole training process.

     The main reason why this eBook was rated so high was, that it was one of only a few eBooks that actually and more to the point, accurately teaches you how dogs think and learn, before delving into problem behavior solving.

     From a purist training point of view, this is exactly the way it should be done. Too many books jump right into how to solve a training problem, without first teaching an understanding of what caused it in the first place! 

    This e-book addresses a wide variety of dog behavior issues and is suited to both the new dog owner as well as the more experienced.


    This offers one main eBook, which is supported by a number of bonus eBooks. The eBook is logically divided into four main sections that each flow onto the next, making the process of learning how to train your dog, a very simple and easy one. The unique offering is the “Canine Communication System”, which is the foundation for the whole eBook.


    At $37.77, it is priced at what we’d expect for an eBook based dog training product. Although I would have preferred an additional audio or video component included, I feel the quality of the content and methods outlined still make this eBook excellent value for money. After all it’s the information that’s most important, rather than how it’s delivered.

     The Dog Training Mastery eBook is an excellent product which is why we unanimously rated this as high as we did.

     Together with the main eBook, you’ll get these bonuses: 

    1. “Secrets to Good Doggy Nutrition”.

    2. “101 recipes to cook for your Dog”

    3. “How to Choose the Right Vet for your Dog”

    4. 13 Amazing Tricks you can Teach Your Dog

    5. Dog Grooming Secrets

    6. How to Solve Canine Aggression

    7. How to Prevent Future Doggy Behavior Problems

    8. Is Dog Insurance Worth It?

    9. One on one email consultation

     Compared to other eBook based products, this offers excellent value for money. If the “Dog Training Masters Home Study Course” is out of your price range, then this is the dog training product for you.

     For More Information go to Dog Training Masters – An Owner’s Manual

    Here are a what a few owners of this eBook had to say about it:

     "Ray I wanted to let you know that I learned more in one night of reading than I had in many weeks of puppy training classes. I was not happy with the dog training school as they could not help train our husky for specific breed issues. Our Husky is 2 years old this spring and his name is Bouncer. He is finally receiving the training he so desprately needs. In one week I have been able to train him to come and sit next to me without him playing the tag and try and catch me game. Your book has had a huge impact on us!

    Really, money well spent, and thanks again"

    Laverne Ciantar US, CA
    "Your book is excellent and well written. We have had GSD’s for 4 years now and your book has given us answers to a lot of questions that no-one has been able to answer in this time. The main thing it has really helped us with is shaping their temperament as there are so many different opinions we have had from different sources. We now have 3 GSD’s, our youngest 1 being just 11 weeks old so your book has been a real help. Our oldest GSD who is 4 and a half, Sisco, suffers a real attitude problem and acts like a grumpy old woman and your book has helped us sort her attitude problems out too!"

    Sally-Anne Grieves. US, NY
     "Ray, thank you so much! It really is excellent, and well worth the money. Thanks for all the suggestions and precautions. You did a lot of work to put the book together and the canine communication processes has totally changed the way we go about training and raising our little angel!"

    Liana Sullivan AUS, NSW
     "I’ve had a look through all your downloads and I’m very happy I purchased your material – its very thorough and practical. I’ve acquired several online training guides and yours is the most comprehensive – well done! I’ll be recommending it to all my friends"

    Shelley Markin US, TX
    "I love the book, it has alot of great info for my little guy that i never would have known. things that i am doing that are great for him as far as training, and bad things like letting him sleep in my bed with me. great book i love it. keep up the the great work"

    Candy Williamson US, KY

    You can read more comments about this book on their website:

    For more Information, visit Dog Training Masters – An Owner’s Manual


    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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