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  • How to Take Care of Your New Boston Terrier Puppy

    The day has finally arrived and you are going to be bringing home your new Boston terrier puppy. How exciting it is to think of all the fun adventures you will have with this newest addition to your family! But, there are items which need to be in place in order to ensure a comfortable and healthy transition for your puppy into your home. Remember that his/her environment will be changing drastically, being taken from brothers, sister, mother and even father, and transferred to a foreign and unusual place - your home! Here are some helpful ways to help take care of your puppy both before and after its arrival.

    Affection and Attention

    The first and foremost requirement for taking care of this new Boston terrier puppy is lots and lots of affection and attention. Remember that this puppy is like a small baby that is dependent upon you for virtually every need. Lavishing a great amount of petting and hugging upon the puppy will help him/her to feel more at peace and more at home with you. Showing the puppy around your home or around your yard will make him/her feel more secure with the surroundings as well. Introduce your puppy to his/her bed and get them acquainted with the water and food bowl as well. Try not to do anything that would frighten the pup, such as loud yelling or noise until they become more accustomed to where they are.

    As part of Boston terrier puppy care, you may want to purchase a dog kennel in which the Boston terrier puppy can sleep and stay while you are away from home, if it is an indoor dog. Kennels can also be used for potty training purposes as well, and you will want to read and learn how to properly teach your dog this skill. Getting the puppy acquainted with other pets in the home is important as well. Boston terrier puppy care books will suggest that you let the other animals sniff the puppy and get used to him - under your supervision, of course. Cats can hiss and claw the face of a puppy and cause undue stress for them.

    Expect to stay awake the first few nights that the new puppy is in your home, unless of course he/she is sleeping with you. Even then, the excitement of the change and the move may keep you and the pup up into the waking hours. Often, a new Boston terrier puppy will cry in the night from being a bit scared and lonely, but as you care for it, it will eventually accept his sleeping conditions and become more comfortable. Preparing for your Boston terrier puppy can be a daunting task, yet the benefits from enjoying them as pets far outweighs any hassles of the early days.

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    Boston Terrier Picture

    Boston Terrier Picture

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