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  • Helpful Tips to Prepare For Your Boston Terrier Puppy

    After you have purchased your Boston terrier puppy, there are many things to do in order to prepare for his/her arrival into your home. Preparation is important in ensuring a smooth and fairly uneventful transition for your puppy into his/her new home environment. Easy steps can be taken to help you become ready to receive you little one, as well as to ease your mind in the process. Letís explore some tips on how to be ready for the introduction of this precious new member of your family.

    Checking the Home for Your Boston Terrier Puppy

    The environment of your home is an essential part of preparing for your Boston terrier puppy. Checking for overt hazards in your home is important, such as fire hazards, poisons, etc. You donít want to risk your new puppy getting electrocuted or drinking hazardous material. Puppies are like small babies in that they need guidance and protection at all times. They are totally dependent upon the owners for their needs, and this is not to be taken lightly. If there are rooms that you do not want your Boston terrier puppy to enter, you need to close the door and keep it that way, stating to the dog from the start a firm ďNoĒ if he/she tries to enter.

    You also need to prepare for your Boston terrier puppy by deciding where it will sleep. There are several choices, including sleeping with you, on the floor beside your bed in a crate or kennel, in a utility or bathroom, or outside in a doghouse or garage. Wherever you choose, get the dog accustomed to his/her sleeping space while it is young, instilling this habit into it from the start. The same goes for where the food and water bowl sit, as well as the door for going outside. If your puppy will be an outdoor pet, then walk him/her around the perimeter of the fenced yard to get them acquainted with their surroundings.

    Despite preparing for your Boston terrier puppy, the first few nights at home with a new Boston terrier puppy can be exasperating for some people, but it is important to prepare ahead of time for the crying and whining that puppies generally go through when they are taken from their litter and brought to a new home. This is perfectly normal and will pass in a few days, as the puppy becomes more accustomed to their surroundings. By creating a living space for your Boston terrier puppy, you are helping it to feel right at home with you.

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