Is It Cruel or Inhumane to Use a Dog Bark Collar?

Many people have a misconception about the Dog Bark Collar as they say they won’t use such a device as it’s cruel or inhumane. Ironically however, when people say this to you, and you ask them if they’ve ever seen one, or perhaps even felt the shock these collars give, the answer is always no. You’ll invariably hear that all those who are speaking about dog bark collars never saw one and they wouldn’t even think of trying one; they just heard from others that these collars are cruel to use with a dog.

Powered by two small penlight batteries, the intensity of the shock delivered by these collars can under no circumstance harm a dog in any way. The use of a dog bark collar would prove to be totally inefficient if the dog would understand electricity the way humans do, as because those mild shocks would never scare them. These collars achieve the desired goal more through surprise than anything else, and they most certainly don’t rely on a pain factor. Not even when you set the collar to deliver the maximum intensity shock you won’t feel any pain while testing it. Instead, the dog simply experiences an unpleasant feeling. Of course some people may argue that while the collars can’t harm a dog physically, they could perhaps harm the animal mentally or emotionally. Even if the dog would know that you are ultimately responsible for the correction he or she receives, it is a normal thing for dogs to be corrected by the leader of the pack, and this is you.

Your dog is not able to understand how the collar works, he or she just feel something unpleasant when barking, and in a couple of days will learn to avoid this feeling by simply stopping barking. There are different categories of collars, but most of them will firstly warn the dog to stop barking by a buzzing sound before the electrical shock is delivered, and this way the dog will learn to associate the two types of stimuli. Your dog can bark once or twice and nothing happens, as the collar will buzz if the dog continues and, if it doesn’t stop, the mild shock is delivered. Should the dog choose to ignore the correction, the following correction will be slightly more intense, and the following, a little bit more intense. Rarely will a dog continue barking long enough to receive the highest level of correction. The most intelligent dogs will need a day or two to stop barking at the warning buzz.

The Dog Bark Collar is extensively used in Europe, where there are the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world. Other training methods are not as successful. While professional dog trainers can on occasions teach a dog to stop barking without the use of a collar, the success rate leaves a lot to be desired, and there’s even less chance of success if you’re not a professional trainer. An angry neighbor can hurt your dog if it never stops barking. In other cases owners are forced to get rid of the dog, which in turn is upsetting for both the owner and the dog.

An electronic dog bark collar allows you to deal with this problem in a safe and humane way.

A Dog Bark Collar is an humane training tool. Use this collar to keep the peace of the neighborhood. The use of the Dog Bark Collar is allowed in Europe.



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