PBC00-10782, the Perfect No Bark Collar for Small Breeds

The PBC00-10782 it’s a no-bark training collar that incorporates nano technology in its design so that it releases a small static charge whenever it detects the vibrations produced by a dog’s barking. Being a perfect fit for small breeds, this innovative no bark collar offers a ‘Temperament Learning’ mode that automatically adjusts the correction level based on the dog’s temperament.

The technology of this collar allows it to correct the dog only when it misbehaves. The tracker system to track the number of corrections required to reduce or eliminate the dog’s bark is a special and utile feature that comes with the PBC00-10782 bark control collar. Being built for small or toy breeds, the collar is very small and light, and it has a couple of lights that indicate whether the battery is charged or low.

The collar offers 10 correction levels, in addition to being water proof; this makes it a good collar to wear even when it rains or snows. In addition, the PBC00-10782 bark control collar comes with an identification tag, an RFA-188 battery, and an operating guide, of course. The guide that comes with every purchase of the collar is pretty utile and guides even a novice on the usage of the collar. Another advantage of the PBC00-10782 is the guarantee that comes with it.

When you opt to make use of PBC00-10782, ensure that the fit on the dog is snug and does not hurt the dog’s skin. However, take into consideration that the no bark collar should only be used at times where barking is not acceptable. At most, the PBC-10782 should be used for a maximum of 10 hours per day.

Good Points About The little dog nano no-bark collar

The 10 correction levels and the temperament training mode available in PBC00-10782 collars make it suitable for dogs of different temperament. Also, the PBC00-10782 is very durable and it weights very little. The patented perfect bark mechanism activates the correction when the dog’s barking sound is heard. Therefore, other types of noise won’t activate the collar.

Our company’s PBC00-10782 is a great training collar designed for small breeds. It’s very light and resistant to water and use. We also guarantee our company’s little dog nano no-bark collar.

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