The No Bark 10 Collar Review

Do you loathe the perpetual barking of your dog? Are you in search of an innovative solution that can lull your dog at times of undesirable barking? If ‘yes’, the SBC-10 is trendy, innovative and a perfect fit for your yearnings

The collar is activated by the vibration caused by your dog’s barking; in addition, it comes with a display that shows the level of the battery and the current correction level. You can also customize the operational modes of the SBC-10. For instance, if you want to know the number of corrections that are needed to reduce your dog’s barking, you can set the collar to “Temperament Learning,” and then choose one of the 10 levels for correction that are offered to you. Or, you can let the collar detect automatically the level at which your dog stops barking by setting it to “Progressive Correction” instead. You can also customize how the correction is offered, by using the SBC-10′s “User Correction” mode.

The SBC-10 comes with plastic black straps and it fits on any dog’s neck of 27 inches or lower, making it possible to use it on almost any dog breed. There is yet another mode that is featured: the “Test Mode,” and the collar also comes with a 6 Volt battery that is rechargable.

Pre-Usage Precautions

Only use the SBC-10 when the situation is not appropriate for barking, such as when guests visit or when it’s very late at night. Make sure that your dog is not aggressive if you plan to go in for the no bark 10 collars. Never attach a leash or any other thing to the collar, because other objects might cause the collar to punish the dog even when it’s not barking. Make sure that you clean it frequently and help your dog to be away from skin inflammations while making use of the no bark 10 collar.

The SBC-10 is one of the most advanced training collars there are. Unlike other collars, it has several modes that serve different purposes. You can really expect results with theno bark 10 collar.

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