The Sonic Bark Collar: A Good Idea?

A lot of people find that their dogs’ tendecies to bark without a reason need to be put under control. The sonic bark collar is very often mentioned as a perfect solution to this problem, but are they really as good as their reputation claims them to be?

There is an expression that professional dog trainers like: “train the master and you’ll train the dog,” which actually makes sense if you think about it a bit. The reason for this is very simple, if the owner does not know what goes in to the training of his dog and does not know exactly what his dog has been trained to do upon which commands, the dog will disobey or be confused when the trainer is no longer there.

With this idea in mind, sonic collars, also known as ultrasonic bark collars are very useful for dog training if you know how to use them. Of course, they are not a perfect solution to dog training, although they would be in a perfect world.

In the imperfect world that we live in, some people use the sonic collar in a wrong way, in their hurry to train their dog in a unreasonable amount of time. First of all, these collars shouldn’t be put on dogs 24 hours a day, as this would cause stress to the dog. The sonic collar should be used only to stop excessive barking and only when there aren’t other dogs around that could accidentally trigger your dog’s collar with their barking. Attention also needs to given to the settings of the ultrasonic bark collar. Many sonic or ultrasonic bark collars can be set to the best level of output combined with the level of sensitivity to the barking of your dog.

When used correctly, a sonic bark collar will calm your dog naturally, and prevent it from barking at inappropriate times, such as when people sleep or visit.
Dog trainers agree that the best way to correct a dog’s bad behavior is by doing so in the same instant it happens. There are people who wonder if the sonic collar can act in this way. Out of the three types of barking collars - Electric, Spray or Sonic, the sonic bark collar comes in as the third best alternative.

The sonic bark collar is an effective way to train your dog into stopping inconvenient barking. They are not a fast fix though. The ultrasonic bark collar works only when the owner knows how to train his or her dog.

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