The Spray Bark Collar; Because Your Pet Deserves It

Due to the controversy of other types of training collars, such as the sonic collar and much debated electric shock collar, the spray bark collar presents itself as a good solution that isn’t as controversial as the others. But, before opting for the anti bark spray collar, it is critical to understand the distinguishing factors between the conventional and the innovative spray bark collars in detail.

The spray bark collar

Dog Owners that have pets that bark more than they would like to can use the anti bark spray collar as a good, effective, and humane solution to the problem. This collar works with detectors that can sense when the dog is barking and in turn, the collar responds by releasing a spray of cintronella that squirts the dog’s face. The dog smells, feels, sees and hears the drops of spray that were spurted around. The odor of citronella isn’t pleasurable to the dog, and it’ll make it stop barking in order to try to figure out what happened, and with time, the dog will eventually link the spray with the unwanted barking.

The two most popular brands of spray bark collars are Innotek and PetSafe. It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research and compare the different models in the market before you decide which collar you shoudl buy. Some factors that you should take into account are the dog’s size and breed, as well as the collar’s size, battery length, range, weight, and of course, look.

When you compare the several features of the several models available with what you think your dog needs, you’ll get a much better collar for your money.

Advantages of the spray bark collar

They are considered to be humane and hence have proven to be the humanitarian’s solution to calm down pets and the scent is neither harmful to the pet nor the owner. One study that took place in 2003 at the Mesa Veterinary Hospital showed that anti bark spray collars were effective in reducing excessive barking when used in training.
The purpose of this article is to let you know a bit more about the spray collar and how it works. There was also some insight on the factors that you should consider when getting a spray collar. Additionally, it also enlists the advantages of spray bark collars with pertinent supportive research data.

The spray bark collar is a good alternative to other types of training collars. Unlike the shock collar, there’s no controversy attached to it. Finally, the anti bark spray collarcan be bought online or in a pet store.

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