A Boston Bulldog For The Family

The Boston bulldog is a breed of dog that came about in the 1800’s for pit fighting. The Boston bulldog is a result of crossbreeding between bulldogs and terriers. Usually the English bulldog and the Bull terrier were used in breeding. In the breed’s early history there was no distinction between the Boston terrier mix and the Boston bull.

Today there is no confusing the Boston terrier mix with the Boston bulldog, the first difference between the two breeds being size. The Boston bull is not considered a toy; however the Boston terrier is a toy dog.


Despite the Boston bulldog’s original purpose as a pit dog it has a stable temperament that makes it ideal as a family pet. The dogs were bred to be loyal family companions and this is very much in evidence today. A great part of the Boston bulldog’s temperament is its lively disposition and keen intelligence.

This makes the dogs easy to teach tricks and it can be a lot of fun to have a Boston bull in the family. If you have children then you will find that the size of the Boston bulldog is ideal. Although by no means a toy dog, it is of medium size, and can also tend towards small stature.

Children who have never had dogs before might be scared of bigger dogs; a small or medium sized Boston bulldog is the perfect introduction to canine companionship. These dogs are known to be extremely loyal, though there is a tendency to be aggressive towards other dogs and smaller animals.


You will notice that the Boston bulldog is quite muscular. This is because it is considered a working dog. Despite its small size this dog can be used for hunting, and is still used for hunting purposes. It is also sometimes used in weight pulling.

When you are looking for a Boston bulldog there are some key physical characteristics that should be present in the dog. The head of the dog should not be too small. You can measure the head of a Boston bulldog by checking the circumference of the head against the height of the dog at the shoulder. It should be equal to the height of the dog or greater, any smaller and the dog’s head is too small.

The Boston bulldog should not have a muzzle that is too long. The bite of the dog is usually even or it will have a slight under bite. Check that the muzzle on your Boston bulldog is not more than three inches long. You will notice that most Boston bulls have very short necks; this is typical of the breed. It should also be quite muscular.

The weight of your dog is another important thing to look at. Smaller Boston bulldogs should weigh around 20 pounds; however this breed should not weigh more than 45 pounds. The chest of the Boston bulldog is usually quite wide and deep for a small dog. A dog that is not well proportioned will have a narrow chest. You also want a dog that has nice rounded ribs.

The height of the Boston bulldog is another characteristic to look at. Males are sometimes a little bigger than females but the difference is not very big. Females usually measure somewhere between 14 to 17 inches while males measure between 14 and 18 inches. This breed generally has no breathing problems or serious health problems associated with breed dogs.

Though to ensure you have a health dog make sure that the legs of your dog do not bow out or turn in. this can lead to reduced movement, instead the feet of your Boston bulldog should be wide apart and sturdy. Most Boston bulldogs have a slight raise at the shoulders that extends to the rump. However a dog with a level back does not have a fault.

The coat is probably the first thing you will notice in the Boston bull. It should be nice and smooth, the coat is very short. The Boston bulldog comes in many colors. It can come in black, brindle, fawn, red, blue, or black and white. All colors may also be accompanied by white. Unlike the Boston terrier mix there is no concern about the amount of white

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