Boston Pug Is One Of The Few All American Dog Breeds

The Boston pug terrier happens to be a product of a friendly dog breed that is also well known for showing his inquisitiveness as he sniffs and smells everything and then tries to make sense of whatever the smells suggest to him. He gets along with virtually everyone and is known for his lovable nature and his devotion to his master is well known and he is in fact also of a breed of dogs that love the company of humans. That is why the Boston pug makes such a good family pet and one of their endearing traits is their habit of being around the family trying to help them do whatever they are doing.

Not A Weekend Pet

When you bring home a Boston pug makes sure that you understand that he is not a weekend pet dog and instead must be given plenty of attention and care. Boston terriers are also known to have friendly bent of mind and their inquisitiveness does not seem to make them difficult creatures – even when in the presence of other puppies.

A Boston pug will show their devotion to their masters and he is also a very cute animal that everybody loves to pet and shower affection on. They make excellent watchdogs and will always warn you whenever someone stands outside your front door. At the same time it is also necessary that you shower a lot of attention to them and you must also care for all their needs. They thrive the best when allowed to communicate with humans.

The most endearing thing about the Boston terrier pug is that he belongs to one of the few dog breeds in America that are truly American. The earliest instance of the Boston pug dates to around the year 1870 when a person from Boston (where else) purchased a pet known by the name of Hooper’s Judge who was a crossbred English bulldog and English white terrier.

To cut a long story short, Hooper’s Judge was mated with a small female which resulted in a litter of French bulldogs that were to then give birth to the Boston pug terrier which boasts of being the first truly non-hunting American dog.

Originally, the Boston terrier was bred to be a dog fighter though today they are bred differently and in fact all their original aggressiveness has been bred out of the breed. Still, they remain compact in size and are very muscular though short in size and boast of wide muzzles while their eyes are large, round and dark. The tail is short while the ears are pointed and erect and their short coats are either black and white or brown and white that also require little grooming. The white Boston pugs are a rarity and this color actually suggests that the breed has inherent weaknesses and is prone to health problems.

A Boston pug might shed but not excessively and the shedding actually does not pose any big problem though bathing them must be done only when they get particularly dirty and start to smell. Typically, a Boston pug should live for up to fifteen years; if not more though a majority of they live for thirteen years.

The average height of the Boston terrier pug is between fifteen and seventeen inches and they weigh between ten and twenty-five pounds. This small size ensures that they can thrive in any kind of environment and will be equally at home in a big home as they will be in a small apartment.

You must ensure giving your Boston pug sufficient exercise and he should be encouraged to play and expend some of his energy though at the same time he does not need too much space in which to exercise. The Boston pug is known for his sociability and also for his friendliness and he is also intelligent as too very energetic. He will definitely make for a good family pet dog and also is a wonderful companion dog that does not have any problems with children or other animals.

Your Boston terrier mix too can prove to be an able watchdog though most of them are not given to barking unless provoked. There is a lot of debate ongoing about the suitability or otherwise of keeping a Boston terrier mix. He is however obtained through breeding a purebred Boston terrier with a different purebred. Often, this can give rise to a designer dog or even a hybrid and one that is far removed from the mutts that you might have seen that have no fixed backgrounds.

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