February 6, 2009

boston terrier breeder around ny?

i live in ny and i want to find a good boston terrier breeder, who doesn't sell to puppy mills or anything bad. i also don't wanna pay $1000 or some crazy price, i'm 14 and paying for the dog on my own so if anyone knows of a breeder with low prices around $300 that would be appreciated


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January 19, 2009

Reece Braveheart Aussies @ 5:15 pm

Miss Mae @ 5:19 pm

I am not sure, but I think that is the kind of terrier that needs to be artificially inseminated. They are unable to breed naturally. Are you sure you want a dog that has been bred into something unnatural. cute yes but I disagree with the kinds of dogs that are bred to such a poor state of health. If it is the kind of dog that is like that you won't find it for a very good price. Try a toy or miniture poodle they are fabulous dogs and very smart you will love it. If you want a breeder that charges less you are risking finding a bad breeder. The cheeper the worse. You might want to rescue a mutt from a shelter that would be the nicest and cheapest thing to do. Then you could get the dog help the shelter then afford the vet bills all for around your $300.00. Dad won't have to pitch in much from his pocket.
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iva ben hacked @ 5:56 pm

Look on the AKC website for Boston Terrier breeders NY, but you will not find them for $300. You could probably find one in a shelter.
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