Gourmet Fare: Delicacies You Can Cook for Your Boston Terrier

There are many well-balanced and quality dog foods to choose from on the market today. Organic foods are becoming wildly popular because of all the media attention on the greater minerals in organic foods and how much better they are for consumption. You can take wonderful care of your Boston terrier by feeding him these delicious foods, but sometimes, he just may want something a bit different. There are ways to cook delicacies for your Boston terrier that would still be healthy for him/her. Cooking “people” food for him/her should only be done on occasion, but it can be a special treat for the little guy or gal.

In your spare time (of which you have an abundance of, right?) preparing a special meal for your dog can be an exciting adventure for both of you. You might even want to allow your children, if you have any, to join in and participate in caring for the little dog by cooking up some delicacies for your Boston terrier. Maybe you’ve got some leftover beef stew from the night before and no one wants to eat it. Well, you may have someone who would like it! Just heat it up over the oven or in the microwave, scoop into a fancy designer bowl (used only on special occasions) and voila! You have a hearty feast for your sweet ball of fur. He or she will be ecstatic with a bit of change in his diet, but don’t overdo it. The shock to his/her system from eating such a different food than what they are used to can really send their tummies into a tailspin.

Meat and Vegetables

Any type of meat is a great treat for a dog, especially when it contains a juicy bone on which to gnaw. Bones are a great way to help you take care of your Boston terrier’s teeth because the chewing and gnawing strengthens and whitens them. Just be sure that the bones you choose are not too small, such as chicken bones. These types of bones can get lodged in the trachea and cause serious damage. Vegetables are very good for people, and likewise could be excellent to help you make some delicacies for your Boston terrier. Carrots make a tasty snack, even broccoli cut up could whet your dog’s whistle…or not.

When serving your Boston terrier, take care not to give him unhealthy treats such as sugary cookies, pies or cakes. These can cause a disturbance in their intestinal tract and will be more trouble than it’s worth. Also, foods with artificial ingredients such as dyes should be avoided for both the canine crew and their owners too. Now that you’ve learned how to really “treat” your pet, let’s take a look at grooming your Boston terrier.

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