From Terror to Terrier: Boston Terrier Obedience Training

Obedience training for your Boston terrier is a very important part of learning and growing together and helping to ensure a happy home life for both owner and dog. In a home where the pet does not listen to commands and is basically his or her own free agent, tension and stress tend to overshadow the joy the owners once felt with the dog. Just as children need to learn to obey their parents, so puppies need to learn to obey as well. It is for the welfare of the dog that they learn who is in charge in the home.

Boston obedience terrier training takes much patience and skill on the owner’s part, as this endeavor is not an overnight quick fix approach. Much is at stake between the owner and the dog, and the situation needs to be handled with care. A very important starting point for training is establishing a close and secure relationship with your pet. They need to trust you fully in order to truly obey and listen to you. Speak gently when giving your pet’s instructions instead of barking harsh commands to him/her. The dog will respond much better when consistently spoken to in an even tone, which is sometimes easier said than done!

No Quick Fix

It takes time in training your Boston terrier, but the benefits will be a great reward when you call for your dog and he/she obediently comes running to you. When giving your pet a command, look the dog in the eye directly as much as you can. Even bend down on eye level with your pet as you would child. This helps the dog to focus his/her attention on you. When you are telling your dog to “sit,” gently touch the back part of your dog and press while you gently say, “sit.” Over time, with patience and much repetitious practice, the dog will begin to understand and obey.

Obedience training for your Boston terrier can become time consuming and burdensome, and you may feel as if you can’t do it alone. This may be the perfect time to enroll your dog in obedience school, where he/she can learn some specific training for Boston terriers as well as commands, and you can learn how to teach your pet in the best way, with the support of professionals. These classes are not free, yet the money spent is worth it when you have an obedient dog to live with day in and day out. This may make the next task easier as well - Boston terrier potty training.

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