How to Make Boston Terrier Potty Training for Both of You

Potty training a pet is almost as fun as a potty training a toddler, yet there are some advantages with the toddler. They are usually harder to get angry with as compared to a little mischievous dog! Still, Boston terrier potty training can be an easier endeavor when small tips are taken to help ease the pain of the training period. Remember, any type of training is going to be difficult at first, but once the skill is learned, it is usually never an issue again (until old age, then accidents may happen). Yet, let’s cross one bridge at a time and take it one day at a time by looking into ways to make the Boston terrier potty training process a bit easier and less frustrating for all involved.

Some Simple Steps for Boston Terrier Potty Training

When beginning to potty train, better known as house breaking your Boston terrier, a key word to remember is patience. The puppy will not understand how to be potty trained the very first day, not usually, but a special few may surprise us! Normally, it will take a few days to a few weeks to completely housebreak a Boston terrier. Initially, there will be accidents in your house, so be ready to clean up messes for a while. Yet, there are some tried and true ways to instill good potty skills into your dog.

First, using a kennel or crate is a well-received approach to potty training a Boston terrier or any other dog for that matter. The idea is to place the puppy in a place where he/she sleeps and rests so that the dog learns to keep himself from going to the restroom. Dogs do not like to soil the places where they sleep, so this is an effective way to train them, if you don’t mind putting them in the kennel at night with the door closed and also during the day when you are not there as well. On the outside, it seems cruel to place an animal in a kennel for long hours, but according to dog trainers, this gives the dog a sense of comfort and their own space. They eventually get used to this type of training and it becomes a habit.

While potty training your Boston terrier, you must remember to take your puppy outside to relieve himself/herself frequently. As you go outside, say “Let’s go to the bathroom” or whatever phrase you choose to instill in your puppy the meaning of that. As the dog is going to the restroom, say it again and then praise the dog profusely with lots of hugs, pats and even a snack treat. With Boston terrier potty training behind you, you will be free to look into new ideas such as Boston terrier rescue or adoption.

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