About Your New Boston Terrier Puppy

Before you bring your Boston Terrier puppy home, you will need to do some shopping. Your little newcomer will have special requirements, much like a newborn baby. The right puppy food, bowls and dishes, bedding and toys are all items to be gathered.

Supplies You Will Need

Find out ahead of time what your Boston Terrier puppy is eating, so that you can have the same food available when you bring her home. You may receive a small quantity of food when you pick up your puppy, but it is best to be prepared.

A crate can become your puppy’s personal escape from the world instead of a dreaded punishment area.


You’ll need bowls for food and water. Stainless steel is lightweight, easy to clean and resistant to Boston Terrier puppies who want to chew. A 1-quart bowl is large enough for food, and a 2-quart bowl should hold enough water for one dog.


Your puppy should have a crate for sleeping in and for riding in the car. Most Boston Terrier puppies are comfortable in a relatively small crate (21″ by 17″ by 16″), and most adult Boston Terriers are comfortable in a medium crate (27″ by 20″ by 19″). Crates are available in a wide range of types and prices. I prefer the molded-plastic, airline-style crates because they will keep your floor clean and they afford a bit more privacy to the dog. They tend to be less expensive and lighter weight than the wire crates. Wire crates have the advantage of folding down for easy storage when not in use.

We recommend placing small pieces of a washable blanket or towels in the crate for bedding, realizing that Boston Terrier puppies tend to chew on their bedding and may destroy it. Once a Boston Terrier puppy has outgrown the desire to chew (at about a year and a half), you can invest money in fancier bedding, if you wish.

Leash and Collar

Your Boston Terrier puppy will need a leash and collar for walking safely with you. A 6-foot long, lightweight cotton or nylon leash with a small clasp will work best, teamed with a flat buckle collar that allows room for growth. Quick-snap collars, which are easy to snap on and off, are convenient, but they must be kept out of the puppy’s reach because the snap is tempting to chew and is easily destroyed by sharp puppy teeth. Don’t forget to add a tag with your name, phone number and address so that if your puppy gets lost, whoever finds her can return her safely to you.

Your Boston Terrier puppy will not need a choke chain, a nylon slip collar or a prong collar. These devices are used by some trainers but are unnecessary for the Boston Terrier. Several veterinary chiropractors have told me that using slip or choke collars on Boston Terriers-or pulling on any leash and collar-can cause serious spinal injury and should always be avoided.

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