Three Cheers for the Boston Terrier’s Temperament

Just as all human beings have different personality types, so do the world of dogs. Some people are introverted and shy, preferring to be alone rather than with a crowd. In the same way, some dogs are more loners than others and tend to stick to one person rather than befriending any passing stranger. Some dogs are very protective and aggressive, as many types of people can be. In a frightening situation, knowing how your pet will react is helpful in order for you as the owner to know how to respond.

Having a pet that is too protective can be dangerous for someone who is very social and has friends for dinner often. Incessant barking can be a turn-off to some, while it may prove to be a positive aspect for a person who lives alone and/or wants to be alerted to every movement outside. Whatever personality suits your lifestyle, adjusting to the Boston terrier temperament can be a joyful addition to your home in many ways.

Enjoying the Well-Mannered Boston Terrier Temperament

Boston terriers are very well-known for their gentle and affectionate temperament. They tend to get along well with people and, in fact, very much want to be with their owners a majority of the time. In the early 1900′s, this breed earned the title of an “American Gentleman” for its well-mannered temperament and intelligence. Along with this mannerly nature, the Boston terrier also possesses a great deal of spunk. They are not considered hyperactive dogs, yet they are playful and enjoy rough-housing with their owners. Originally bred as fighting dogs, they have lost most of their aggressiveness, however, due to continual breeding to be companion pets.

This endearing breed incorporates itself well into virtually any lifestyle. Children are especially fond of the Boston terrier, as they make loyal and fun-loving playmates, yet they are gentle enough to be trusted when the children get a little too wild. The elderly also benefit from this dog as a companion, being well-suited for one owner or a whole family alike. The cheerful and sometimes overly affectionate temperament of the Boston terrier gives the older person great comfort and camaraderie in the golden years of life. They have been known for their ability to “lick a person to death.” This stems from their intense drive for close contact with their owners on a daily basis.

While some Boston terriers make excellent watchdogs alerting their owners with barking, others are more sedate and prefer not to bark at anyone, even a stranger. Those who do not bark tend to be so friendly that they wouldn’t think of barking at a person who resembles their master! With regard to training, they are very intelligent and easy to train. They tend to be eager learners with a stubborn streak at times, yet mostly obedient and loyal to their family. With all the benefits in their temperament, the cute and unique physical appearance of the Boston terrier only makes them that much more of a desirable pet to own.

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