Boston Terrier Health Problems

The Boston Terrier is a fairly sturdy breed. The list of most common Boston Terrier health problems is relatively short, and most people enjoy a long, healthy life with their lovable companion.

These issues generally include eye, orthopedic and skin issues, but Boston Terriers are also known for having breathing problems as well.

Whether you are considering bringing home a Boston Terrier puppy or already enjoy the company of this sweet and gentle breed, you will need to be aware of some of the issues that may affect the health of your beloved pet.

Eyes: Those cartoon bulgy eyes are cute, but can develop problems such as cataracts that can lead to blindness with age. Watch for bluish, grey or white flecks in the eye. In some cases, surgery may be possible to correct it. Another eye problem is corneal ulcers. These may develop through irritation of the eyes from particles in the environment or from other internal eye health issues that cause infection and irritation. Protect your Boston Terrier’s eyes in dusty or windy conditions.

Orthopedic: Boston Terrier health problems can include knee and back leg problems known as Patellar Luxation. Signs of patellar luxation are limping, pain, and frequent stops to stretch the rear leg. This condition can sometimes require surgery.

Skin: Allergic Dermatitis is one of the skin issues that many Boston Terriers deal with. Allergy testing by a dermatologist can help to determine the underlying causes. Sometimes the dog may have to eat a specialty diet and take medicine to combat the problem. Although it is not recommended to bathe the afflicted animal too often, using medicated shampoos and lotions can sometimes help.

Breathing Problems: Because of the short head of the Boston Terrier, there is a little more work for them in order to breathe. For that reason, Boston Terriers tend to snuffle, snort and even snore. (Mine snores pretty loud!) It is recommended that you use a harness-style instead of a traditional neck collar for this reason.

By all means, this does not include all Boston Terrier health problems that may be experienced and is not meant to diagnose any condition. If your dog exhibits any symptoms of discomfort or illness, do not hesitate to call your veterinarian immediately.

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Debbie Peck lives in Vancouver, Canada with her spunky Boston Terrier, Samba

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