January 5, 2009

Boston Terrier- Skunk Prank

This video is ruined. I used a copyrighted song as background music at the end and they made me blare crap music over the whole thing…

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January 5, 2009

kilfridg @ 2:12 am

OK, so you dress …
OK, so you dress your little terrier up like a skunk and he walks around eating food off the floor and smelling your crack. I ask you again, where's the prank. I watch a lot of pranks and pratical jokes on youtube and this has to be the lamest. Do you have A.D.D.?

elmphlemp @ 2:12 am

skunk? he got punk'd
skunk? he got punk'd

C3P0meetsData @ 2:12 am

What a good idea. …
What a good idea. I'll have to try that on my sister sometime.

fassashruboak @ 2:12 am

sooooo lame
sooooo lame

prairiefire14 @ 2:12 am

Great Video
Great Video

napolean34 @ 2:12 am

Your on drugs mate..
Your on drugs mate..

xooan @ 2:12 am

omg ilovethat dog!! …
omg ilovethat dog!!!!!!

MGS4GOFP @ 2:12 am

you think his is …
you think his is cute look at mine

deedub69 @ 2:12 am

man, do you have …
man, do you have down syndrome?

kilfridg @ 2:12 am

where's the prank …
where's the prank dipstick?

crackpot7 @ 2:12 am

LOL circoncision
LOL circoncision

yamaraj147 @ 2:12 am

jealousssss… coz …
jealousssss… coz the dog looks more goodlooking….

xxJUSTINSK8Sxx @ 2:12 am

do more with the …
do more with the head and itll be perfect

zeke1617 @ 2:12 am

looks good to me …
looks good to me its cool

SorrowsBlood @ 2:12 am

no offense but …
no offense but thats was stupid!! at least make it so it actually looks liek a skunk more than one glance…and then realize its a boston!! lol

vgmaster20000 @ 2:12 am

looks like your dog …
looks like your dog has a halloween costume

KelferMookie @ 2:12 am

omg you can still …
omg you can still tell it's a dog….

bostonterrier333 @ 2:12 am

OMG! That has to …
OMG! That has to be the best looking boston ever!

Completely perfect!


lollypop3laura @ 2:12 am

Your a silly man x
Your a silly man x

HedvigGrotesco @ 2:12 am

That looks too fake
That looks too fake

Megatron090 @ 2:12 am

at first glance, it …
at first glance, it looks like one, but i would have done a little something to the legs

JerZLove973 @ 2:12 am

dat was retarded
dat was retarded

cjg51895 @ 2:12 am

It would look …
It would look better on a cat because they walk more like skunks.

ShadowMorpher @ 2:12 am

that is so cheap
that is so cheap

ximenagirl2008 @ 2:12 am

that looks fake!
that looks fake!

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