Boston Terrier Newborns Rare Colors

This is a short video of newborn Boston Terrier puppies and their mother Daisy. She is a rare colored blue Boston and has three rare colored puppies including blue, fawn and brown.

Duration : 0:1:47

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22 Responses to “Boston Terrier Newborns Rare Colors”

  1. xraywendy says:

    Thats because the …
    Thats because the puppies are so small!!!!

  2. morso5600 says:

    the mom looks huge
    the mom looks huge

  3. Northstar1982 says:

    Oh look how …
    Oh look how precious they are! ^_^ I have yet to meet a mean Boston. They’re such awesome little dogs with such big hearts!

  4. xraywendy says:

    Sorry, i was going …
    Sorry, i was going on what a lady told me about the color but the new official name of that color is called Champaigne. I have been asked to register my Colored Bostons with the official registry for Colored Boston Terriers. They will begin to start showing these rare colors soon. They must conform to the Boston Terrier standard, except in regard to color and must have both eyes the same color.

  5. hiemsgirl says:

    !!!! Me, jumping up …
    !!!! Me, jumping up and down, excited!!! I can’t wait, my baby boy will be first in line to strut his stuff, lol.

  6. xraywendy says:

    There are people …
    There are people working on the new standard for Colored Bostons. They are members of the Boston Terrier association and a Judge from AKC. Soon the colors will be recognized in a separate registration called Colored Bostons.

  7. hiemsgirl says:

    We have a Chocolate …
    We have a Chocolate BT and it is sad that they are not recognized by the AKC. They are such wonderful, beautiful dogs!

  8. Krkrkillr says:

    I have a rare …
    I have a rare brindle boston .

  9. xraywendy says:

    We are well aware …
    We are well aware of that and constantly get threatning calls to kill our off colored puppies. It is sad really.

  10. MyLucyLu says:

    How adorable!… as …
    How adorable!… as a long time BT owner, for show purposes the AKC only recognizes 3 colors, Black, Brindle and Seal (all with white of course)

  11. xraywendy says:


  12. 79nine says:

    updated video? im …
    updated video? im interested to see how they look now

  13. ViciouslyWicked says:

    Was that the mother …
    Was that the mother snoring? Lol. Too cute.

  14. ProductionDesignrMAX says:

    Wow I did not know …
    Wow I did not know Lilac was a color for BT. I have a brindle boston with full “proper” markings (not that markings mean anything) and another the same but with a haggerty (sp?) mark (kissy spot) and my vet told me he was “SEAL” color. Black that has red highlights in the sun. Is that really called SEAL?

  15. brandyvegaboo says:

    it appears that one …
    it appears that one of the pups are what is called lilac..i just had a litter today with 2 lilacs and 4 reds..gorgeous lil pups…

  16. brandyvegaboo says:

    one of the pups …
    one of the pups appear to be what is called lilac…i just had a litter today and 2 out of 6 are lilac and the rest are red…beautiful pups…and lilac is very rare…

  17. greenwooby says:

    So hungry!
    So hungry!

  18. superciel says:

    i have i little 3 …
    i have i little 3 year old brindle boston terrier at home,her name is lucy and she is so cute!

  19. xraywendy says:

    FYI—-The color …
    FYI—-The color isn’t good but the puppies are Brown, light fawn (beige), and blue. Black and white is the normal color for Boston Terriers.

  20. trustmeizold says:


  21. dchooster says:


  22. xraywendy says:

    Mother is a rare …
    Mother is a rare blue and puppies are blue, fawn and brown. CKC registered.

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