Teaching New Tricks: Innotekā€™s ADV-300

The ADV-300 is one of the best remotely operated short range versions of dog trainers available on the market today. It is a great aid when you want to reiforce certain behavior patterns or when you want your dog to learn and recognize basic commands. The collar works to ranges of up to 300 meters, and it has an LCD screen incorporated which displays useful information about the collar and the training process.

When the collar is set in training mode, it uses a series of tones in order to make training, learning, and enforcing easy both for the dog and the trainer. The stimulation and correction delivered by the collar is given in seven different levels.

Activated by radio signals emitted by the transmitter, the receiver responds by offering electrical correction stimulus to the pet through the probes that are in contact with the skin on the dogsā€™ neck. Innotekā€™s ADV-300 is an ideal fit for hunters and farmers who intend to take their dog on long strolls with no leash.

The ADV-300 set includes the remote transmitter, a collar receiver, a power adapter, batteries for the remote control, probes, a wrench, and a test light. The transmitter works with replaceable batteries and is set in perfect syncronization with the receiver in the collar.

The ADV-300 also comes with an instruction manual thas will teach you how to use the collar in order to train your dog. The collar being rugged and waterproof is reported to be long lasting.

Effective Training with the ADV-300

ADV-300 remote trainer should be introduced to the pet gradually. Otherwise, the pet might get too frustrated or scared with the new method of training. Also, training should be restricted to short sessions that last 10 minutes at most at the beginning, and then a break should be taken. The correction with the collar should be accompanied by a verbal command, so that the dog slowly associates them. Finally, good behavior should be rewarded in order to make the dog want to continue behaving.

TheĀ ADV-300 is one of the most advanced dog training collars there are Itā€™s perfect for taking dogs to large open spaces without a leash. With some proper training with theInnotekā€™s ADV-300, your dog will learn to recongnize verbal commands.

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