Turning Naughty Dogs Into Nice Dogs: SportdogTraining Collars

Training a dot for working or hunting is very different than training the average household dog. The large area required for hunting makes it easy for dogs to wander and verbal commands are often ignored. In these cases, a hunter will find that Sportdog training collars are very effective for transmitting orders to their dogs.

Complex Signals

A dog that misinterprets a command while hunting can mean that the prey gets away, which is why Sportdog training collars are very valuable. Rather than the same tones used over and over again you have 16 different stimulus levels that you can use for corrections.

Yet another feature of Sportdog training collars is that they allow you to vary the tone and vibrations that your dog will receive. This is yet another way you can customize the collar to specific commands. These features and others are what make Sportdog training collars different from other electrical collars.

Long Lasting and Adaptable

You can rest assured that Sportdog training collars will last a long time. The collars won’t only stand rain and bad weather, your dog can even swim to the center of a pound to retrieve a prey no problem.

If you have your own pack of dogs, Sportdog training collars will let you train 3 dogs at the same time. Add to this that the collars have a range of one mile and you have the ideal training tool that can be adapted to any training you would like to undertake with your dogs.

Ease of Use

If you have never used Sportdog training collars before when training then you will be amazed at how easy it is to use these collars. Each set comes with a manual and a DVD that will explain you how to use the collar to train your dog. This will allow you to better understand the principle behind the collars and train your dogs more effectively. You’ll find it hard to train dogs the old fashioned way once you see results with the collar.

Sportdog training collars are specifically designed to tackle the needs of hunting dogs. They have a range of one mile, giving you and your dog enough space to work. Also,Sportdog training collars are highly adaptable for teaching complex commands.

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