Understanding Training Collars for Dogs

Having a new dog can be a lot of fun, but training him is often a challenge. In this regard, training collars for dogs are considered very practical tools, although dog owners are advised to study their options in order to make a good decision that will satisfy their dogs’ needs. There are also numerous variations of each kind of training collar with different manufacturers offering various models with different featuress.

While at first, the selection of a training collar can be overwhelming, if you are clear on what you need the collar for, then the process becomes easier.

Different Sorts of training collars for dogs

Selecting the most approrpiate type of collar for training is crucial. While all training collars for dogs have basically the same goal, each kind approaches the task in a slightly different way. One of the most common options is the electronic collar. This device delivers a harmless but uncomfortable zap whenever the dog performs an undesirable action.

Choke collars are another option. As the name implies, a chocke collar will constrict the dog’s neck whenever the dog pulls too hard or the owner pulls the leash towards him or her. Dog owners must learn carefully how to use such collars, however, in order to avoid really hurting the dog. Finally, in the “natural” category of training collars for dogs there are citronella collars which release a spray of sharply scented citronella whenever the dog exhibits inappropriate behaviour.

No matter which training collar you choose it is important to ensure that your dog is shown the correct behaviour and understands why he was given a correction signal. Otherwise, the animal will just become fearful, and resentful, not knowing what to do to avoid punishment. It is good to keep in mind that while the use of training collars for dogs may be uncomfortable for your dog and for you they can be very effective and in time your dog will learn the correct behaviours and will require very few correction signals.

Today, training collars for dogs are one of the most useful tools for dog owners. There are different classes of collars, but the most common are electronic, choking, and spray based. However, training collars for dogs should always be used in training and only under supervision and with clear instructions.

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