Breathing and Other Health Concerns Facing the Boston Terrier

Every animal faces health issues due to its unique body style and disposition, and dogs are no exception. With the knowledge and understanding about the possible health concerns facing the Boston terrier, you will be better equipped to take care of him/her with a calmer and more stable approach, and without running to the veterinary office over every minor incident. Planning ahead for possible problems is wise in case of a true emergency as you will be aware of what actions to take and how to respond. Now let’s take a look at possible health problems facing your Boston terrier.

Breathing: A Special Health Concern Facing the Boston Terrier

Because of the short nose of this particular breed, Boston terrier health concerns do arise in their breathing passageways. When the dog has been running for long periods or playing especially hard, he/she may develop breathing problems. This is usually not life threatening to the dog, yet it is frightening for both the owner and the dog as well.

When the weather is especially hot or extremely cold, these breathing issues may be more prone to developing. If this happens, it is important for the dog to be calm by your soothing voice and by petting him/her. Keep the dog relaxed until the breathing begins to become more normal again; this usually takes a few minutes. Implementing these words of advice will lessen your apprehension and also help you give your dog the best Boston Terrier care you can provide.

Other Concerns Which Could Affect the Health of Your Boston Terrier

There is a tendency among Boston terriers to develop allergies, as well as skin tumors. The reason for this is not fully known, yet because of their unique face and the shortness of their nasal passages, debris or environmental toxins may affect them in a stronger way than with other breeds. Also, during the whelping or birthing process, many Boston Terriers must go through cesarean sections in order for their puppies to be born. This is usually due to the large, round head size of this breed.

Overall, the general lifespan of the Boston terrier is 11 to13 years, which is a reasonably good amount of time. Most importantly, much of that life can be spent in health and happiness when the appropriate Boston terrier care is implemented and followed by the owners. After all the joy these little dogs bring, it is our service and duty to provide the best we can for them in return. In order to ensure that the health concerns of your Boston terrier are under control, it is important to know how to choose a vet for your Boston terrier.

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