How is the Male Different from the Female Boston Terrier Puppy?

Let’s say you’ve got a house full of women; a lovely wife and three daughters. You decide upon a cute Boston terrier puppy, but will it make or female? What gender will you choose? You may want to go with another female, but chances are in a household of this magnitude, you may need another male buddy to understand you! On the other hand, what the girls really want is another one of their own kind. They outnumber you 4 to 1, and they would like to keep themselves in the majority, of course. What’s a man to do? Dilemmas, dilemmas!

A Great Character in Both Male and Female Pups

The sex of your Boston terrier puppy really depends upon your personal preference. Both genders have excellent qualities and make wonderful pets. Male Boston terrier puppies as opposed to the female may tend to be more active and lively, spicing up your day with more playful interaction and exercise. He may have a harder time with obedience training than his female counterpart.

Female dogs tend to be a little quicker at learning new things than males do, yet this is not always the case. Female Boston terrier puppies as compared to the males tend to be a bit more protective of their family when strangers come near, although they are far from an aggressive breed. She may seem a bit needier of cuddles and snuggles than the male, and somewhat more relaxed but not lazy.

Females and male Boston terrier puppies both need to be “fixed” if you are not planning to breed them, otherwise, the males can get a bit stir-crazy during their mating time and females of course go through monthly cycles as well. When they begin to come into “heat,” it can be quite annoying listening to incessant howling, etc, unless you are a breeder. Most people opt for the spraying or neutering when the puppies reach an appropriate age.

Whatever choice you make, you really can’t go wrong adding a Boston terrier puppy to your home or family life. They are a friendly delight that will be cherished and loved for years to come within your home. Whether male or female, Boston terrier puppies make very faithful and loyal companions for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Once you have decided upon the gender you will choose, it is time to start thinking of Boston terrier puppy names. What a treat!

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