An Original Solution: The Patio Panel Pet Door

Patio panel pet doors are a great option for people who have sliding glass doors leading onto their deck or patios. In the past, because of the sliding doors that usually lead to the patio, people thought it was impossible to install a patio panel pet door, but with the many options available in the market, now they can. Typically, they can find the right door to meet their needs, whether their pet is large or small, and no matter what type of glass door they have.

Choices and Clarifications

One of the options that some owners do is install a doble paned pet door or an insulated pet door that is energy efficient. Before buying anything, you should check whether the glass door that leads to your patio is single or doble paned, since each type needs a different type of approach.

They should also decide whether they want to have a temporary or a permanent installation of the patio panel pet door. The main advantage of having a temporary patio pet door is that it can be taken out at will and be installed in another place, in case the family takes a long vacation in another house or just because it moves to a different place. Even though the pet door is temporary, it is still secured in place with screws so that the sliding door remains secure from intruders.

A patio panel pet door works not only for your pet’s covenience, but also for its safety and the safety of your house. Some of these can be given an extra little security notch by using a lock to close them, while others can even have an alarm installed on them. Since there are several models of panel pet doors available, the exact type of lock might differ from a model to another.

If you have a patio where your dog spends most of the time, you should install a patio panel pet door. New models can even be installed on glass doors. A patio panel pet door is screwed to the patio door, so it can’t be pulled off by thieves.

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