Cat Flaps Make for Happy Cats

If you have a a cat, then you might want to consider installing a couple of cat flaps in your house, specially if you get more than one. Cat flaps are popular because they let you continue doing what you were doing without having to interrupt it just because your cat wants to go out again.

You may need to consider having them fitted by a professional builder or workman, depending on what your door is made of, as it is important to get a good fit, to ensure that the cat door remains water tight, and is fitted in the correct place

Think About Burglars

One of the important safety points to take into account is to make sure that the installation of cat flaps won’t make it easier for people to break into your house when you’re not at home. That’s one reason why it’s usually better to place them at the bottom or almost at the bottom of the door, which also lets your cat walk through them without jumping.

While cat doors aren’t big enough for burglars to go through them, if they were installed in a higher location, they could be used by them to reach for the door knob from inside and try to see if it opens.

Other Cats

Even if cat doors won’t let burglars of thieves break into your house, the neighborhood cats will have no trouble at all getting into your house, something that you might want to consider. A simple way to get around this problem is to have a cat flap with a locking system, which identifies the cat by a small tag, added to his collar.

These cat doors normally are locked with the use of a magnet, in such a way that any other cat will not be able to open the door, even if it pushes it, as the magnets will hold it in place.

cat flaps will let your cat come in and out as it pleases without your help. If installed properly, they won’t represent a safety risk. There are even some cat doors that will only open for your cat.

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