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Boston Terrier Information - Boston Terriers - Sweet Dogs in Tuxedos

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

When you read the Boston terrier information in books and web sites, you may get only part of the story. You’ll find out about the history, standards and characteristics of Bostons. However, any Boston terrier lover will tell you that words can not convey the loving, playful, and even clownish nature of Bostons.

When you read all the Boston terrier information, you’ll learn that the origin of the breed in Boston Massachusetts is truly an American story. In about 1865, some coachmen for wealthy people in Boston decided to try and get good fighting dogs by breeding experiments with their bosses’ dogs (probably without permission, but we don’t know for sure). The coachmen bred the English bulldog with the now extinct white English terrier. Their offspring were then bred with French bull dogs. Regardless of the original intent of coachmen over 150 years ago, our present-day Bostons are sweet and loving little dogs.

Boston terrier information tells us that Bostons are known as “the American Gentleman” because of their dapper appearance and gentle nature. Many people say that the black and white Bostons look like they are wearing little tuxedos. Bostons also come in brindle and white or brown or white. Photos and videos are probably your best source of Boston terrier information about how adorable Bostons are.

The intelligence of Bostons and the ease of training them is described in all the Boston terrier information. Articles and books will also tell you what good family dogs Bostons are. They are not necessarily for everyone, however, because they are not outdoor dogs. They are quite sensitive to heat and cold. They have a lot of energy that they need to burn and so they need people willing to play with them.

What the words in Boston terrier information can not convey is how sweet and clownish Bostons are. You can get a sense of that in every Boston terrier videos on YouTube. To really understand why Bostons are so popular, call your local Boston breeder and ask if you can stop by to meet his or her Bostons. If you’re intending to get a rescue dog, check with a local Boston terrier rescue group about meeting one of their dogs. You will learn more that way than reading any words on paper or the web. Once you see them, you’ll experience the gentle, loving, and clownish nature of Bostons, and you’ll want to buy one of the Boston puppies for sale or sign the Boston terrier adoption papers.

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Boston Terrier Rescue Dog Training

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Have you ever wondered how rescue dog training worked? After all, they are able to find victims, regardless as to whether they are alive or dead, whenever a tragedy or disaster strikes.

A Dog’s Ability For Rescue Dog Training

There are some dogs who have a magnificent sense of smell. Since they are smaller than humans, they can also penetrate small areas where humans cannot reach. All of this, combined with their rescue dog training, makes them well worth the praise they get. This is especially true because they think that this work is fun.

An important part of rescue dog training is teaching these dogs to be focused on the task at hand, regardless of what else may be going on around them. Of course, different breeds of dogs are better able to do this. For this reason, different dogs have different jobs. A Bloodhound is renowned for their ability as a search dog while Newfoundland’s are used in avalanche rescues and Labrador Retrievers are the absolute best cadaver dog in the world. You will also find that German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Golden Retrievers are also very good at tracking and following scents.

It is highly recommended that dogs who love to play participate in rescue dog training because they will do anything to receive a reward.

How Rescue Dog Training Works

Rescue dog training focuses upon a dog’s sense of smell. With their sense of smell they are able to pick out a target odor amongst millions of different odors. So, whenever a dog is tracking a person, it will focus upon the scent of skin cells that come off of the human body. They can even be sensed in the water in cases of drownings. In rescue dog training these dogs are trained to sniff the air and follow the scent to find the victim.

Of course there are other things that a rescue dog is trained to look for. In rescue dog training, a dog is also trained to take the right position so that the rescue can be executed. From there, a dog must also learn how to use everything that is has been trained to do as a single exercise. Another important part of rescue dog training is for the human to learn how to read the dog’s eyes. Since a dog’s eyes can be very expressive it can also read the handler’s mood. This is 1 of the many non-verbal signals that a dog will learn during its rescue dog training.

Boston Terrier Rescue - FAQ on This Popular Association

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The following article answers most of the questions asked to us about our organization and the endeavors. Answers are given below.

What is Boston Terrier Rescue all about?

This association helps to home the unwanted or abandoned Boston Terriers. They manage adoptions of these Terriers and also set emergency rescues. They help lonely and orphan Terriers.

Terriers which are not in good health or the ones that are old and carrying a disease are all neglected as they wouldnâ??t be available for adoption afterwards. Boston Terrier Rescue will request the owners of these Terriers to choose better options.

Why are the Boston Terriers being rescued?

Boston Terrier Rescue mostly adopts dogs which actually were unwanted by the owners. They admit that the dog was of no use to them or the fact that they couldnâ??t provide them good enough attention. Sometimes, owners even complained about these dogs being amongst all your activities and commitments. The dogs were rescued from such kinds of people who had no idea but to sell them.

Is it possible to use the adopted dog for breeding?

The organization totally despises the idea. As a matter of fact, they advise every owner of these kinds of dogs to use the dog just as pets. As a process, the dogs have been forced to spay or neuter to control reproduction rate. And also these terriers are not great strains of the usual breed standards. These Terriers, generally, do not have any pedigree or ancestry that can be consulted before any breeding process.

Can I adopt a female Terrier?

It is believed that the female Terriers are more a more affectionate breed and they tend to abandon only those male ones aging between two and six. But the male Terriers are found to be very responsive and being sweet if given proper care and attention. The gender of these Terriers should not really matter during adoption since all the rescued ones are spared as breeders. BTR does appropriate placement in order to help this.

What can happen if the owner surrenders a Boston terrier?

There exist owners who actually show up to take care of their dogs medical expenses which also might include neutering and spaying. Donations are expected of an owner to take care of the dog and to help find its new home and owner.

Will I be charged for adopting a dog?
Owning a dog is no simple thing since it is expected that the owner to be financially stable to support all the medical expenses and expenditures of the dog.

How does adoption of these dogs actually happen?

The procedure is summarized as below:
1. Screening:
A. Owners who intend to sell their dogs have to fill up application forms and the BTR will filter all the forms they get.
B. Ownerâ??s financial capabilities and interests are taken into account.
C. It takes a week or more to screen these application forms.

2. Approval or Disapproval.
A. The dog will be given to the new owner without any more problems if the application is found to be valid.
B. Else the application forms go to the waiting list. The new person who gets to own the dog is called if any changes happen.

How do you help yourself?

1. For Breeders

Breeders are usually advised about the selling of the Boston terrier to anyone if he finds out that the new home is suitable. Have decent homes reserved for them.

Reproduction should be avoided if the breeder does not have a competent and a nice breeding program.

2. For others

Have enough knowledge about these dogs before buying them. Make sure you can meet it s physical and mental needs.

It has to be made clear that terrier does not fit just everyone. You have to make a few compromises and own the dog.

Donations are welcomed anytime for the placement of these dogs. It is totally up to the volunteer.

Report to us if you see an unwanted Boston! Rescue any abandoned canine! Dial Rescue Canine-1-1 and save them!

Abhishek Agarwal

Looking for Boston Terrier Dog Breeders?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

my beloved family pet molly passed away a little while ago and my family is looking to add another boston to the family but it seems things are much different than they were 10 years ago. when we got molly we saw an ad in the paper and went to the breeders house and saw all 7 puppies and choose. today my mother called a breeder and she basically said you cant come up to see them (which is understandable) until april but she said there is only one girl left and if we wanted it we would have to put a deposit before even seeing her! do you know of any boston terrier breeders in the new england region? and why do breeders make you put a deposit before even seeing them? am i the only one who misses the old days were the family went and picked out there little dog and then paid for her/him?

Go to the AKC's web site and find a breeder through them.

When we decided to get our puppy from a breeder when the female was confirmed pregnant we put down a $200 deposit. However, one puppy was still available and the interested person did not have to put a deposit down, they could come see the puppy.

You should tell the person asking you for the deposit that you don't want the pup HELD for you, that you would like to meet her and then decide if you want her. If that isn't an option, look on.

While you're on AKCs web site check out Boston Terrier rescue groups. You could get the dog you want and save a life.

Our 8 Month Old Boston Terrier Rescue Keeps Attacking Our 4 Year Old Pug. Very Mean Aggression Over Toys, Food?

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

toys, food, and jealousy over us. It's getting to the point of where we can tell she's getting angry and just stairs at him.

When we react with saying no or spraying her with a squirt bottle , or even pulling her away from him that seems to make her more angry and attack.

What should we be doing when she's in this offensive posture against the pug? We're at the point now that we're afraid we'd have to find a new home without any other dogs for her. It's getting worse.

YES, WE DO HAVE HER IN TRAINING STARTING TUESDAY, we need a solution in the meantime so she doesn't continue to hurt our pug.

Anybody with dog training knowledge know of how we should diffuse these aggressive situations?

Please help, thanks -10 points.

Adult dogs normally won't harm a puppy. It's a pity sometimes because the correction really has to come from the older dog but he's being good in putting up with it. You need to have time out space for each of them. I'd suggest - recommend, getting a crate for this little Madam and when she starts this, call the time out. For the moment don't feed them together - feed her in her crate. Has she had her first season yet? Part of this may be down to her coming up to this and she's telling him to back off. If she hasn't already been spayed, you might find spaying her reduces this aggressive behaviour, although it's by no means certain. It could be that you may have to consider letting her go to a home with no other dogs - sometimes two dogs just can't get along and there's no point trying to get it to work.

It will help if somebody can actually see what's going on, their body language etc.

Sorry I can't be more help - going through similar with my young Whippet although she's not aggressive, just constantly at my older boy and it's getting him, and me, down!

How Can People Let Their Dog Get This Bad?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

How could anyone let there dog get this bad? (not for the squeamish!)

The reason the water is so dark, is all the blood I washed out of his coat from the flea bites.

His eye is so ulcerated that it has to come out. He is in terrible pain and has been for some time to get it this bad!

Why would anyone allow their dog to become this bad?

Thank goodness that Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida will take him in and get his eye removed on Tuesday. However, they also have to treat him with Iron because of the loss of blood due to the fleas!

Read the questions and answers on YA dogs for about an hour and its no wonder that there aren't more dogs like this.

Thankfully, this dog was rescued by a group of people that are willing to treat and care for him.

Introducing Your Rescued Boston Terrier to Your Family

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

The small stature, sweet disposition and intelligence of the Boston Terrier all combine to make it a wonderful family dog for families living in a smaller house. The downside to purebred Boston Terriers is that they can be too expensive for many families. The dogs found at Boston Terrier rescues aren’t always the happy well adjusted dogs they should be. Some of the dogs shouldn’t be around young children and others are unable to live with other dogs or house cats.

Holiday Party - 2008

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue Holiday Party 2008

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue Holiday party

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Where Can I Find Boston Terrier Breeders?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I’m in Brisbane, QLD but happy to Travel to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and surrounds to collect the puppy. I’m looking for a companion for my current dog, and a Christmas present for my husband. Not interested in breeding or papers. Could someone please point me in the right direction? It is ok if they are cross bred with something else.


There are Boston Terrier rescues google it or try There are adults & puppies in need of homes.Also you can try, or breeder referral.