The Importance and Necessity of Equine Veterinary Medicine

The field of veterinary medicine is filled with many innovative and creative new ideas and technologies that researchers and doctors thrive within, helping to lengthen the lifespan of our precious pets and animals. Within the area of veterinary medicine, there are many specialties which are highly technical and specific. One such area of specialized pet care is equine veterinary medicine, which is the medical care of horses. Horses are very prized pets and animals for many people for a wide variety of reasons. There are those who own horses to race, such as in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, where horse racing is an age-old tradition. Others enjoy riding horses on their farms or on camping trips and have them mainly for pets. Horses are also a necessity for many other areas of life, and so the need for equine veterinary medicine is very great.

An In-Depth Look At Equine Veterinary Medicine

Equine veterinary medicine is a highly specialized field in which most veterinarians receive their specialization after they have been trained to treat a wide variety of animal species. A student does not generally specialize in this area prior to meeting their veterinary medicine degree qualifications. Also, in most countries, no further post graduate work is required in order to become an equine veterinarian, although that may be a desirable goal. Many horse owners are looking for individuals to care for their animals who have very specific knowledge of these fine species. Many doctors have a certain way of handling the horses that relaxes them and makes them feel at ease, and this would be a much sought after aspect to look for in a veterinarian.

Horses as a species are very different from other domestic animals in a variety of ways. Their anatomy, pathology, physiology, pharmacology and their husbandry are all highly specific and specialized, therefore those who own them want only the finest care and expertise for their handling. Equine veterinary medicine is just one branch of medicine that a person can become involved in. Generally, the equine veterinarian has been around horses all of his/her life and has a love of the animals. Horses can be quite expensive to purchase and own, therefore the care of these animals requires a special touch as well, especially when they are race horses. Overall, equine veterinary medicine is a provocative and lucrative, exciting career for those who desire to pursue this field of expertise.

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