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    How To Manage And train two Dogs?


    So you have decided after considering all the pros and cons of owning two dogs, to bring home a second dog in your home. Once you have chosen your second puppy you will then need to carefully introduce each other. One of the best places to introduce your second dog to your older dog is in a local park or some other neutral environment. Your two dogs may not necessarily become best of friends simply after the first meeting.

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    Don't worry about this! It may take time for them to get used to each other and adjust to the changes. If you are able to introduce both dogs prior to you bringing home the new dog, then this will only benefit their relationship once the new dog has come to your home. Keeping in mind that all dogs view the world in terms of packs and hierarchies with in the dog pack, when your new dog comes home you will notice that both dogs may battle for the right to be the top dog.

    Although not always the case sometimes the Alpha dog is usually either the largest, oldest or the male dog. So be prepared for some fighting, which may be over food or some toys. If this does occur then simply separate their food as well as their toys. Determining who is the Alpha dog between the two is something that can only be decided between your two dogs.

    It is no point trying to control or decide on your dogs behalf, who will become the Alpha dog. If you do here minor disputes or arguments between the two dogs, then simply ignore them. Also be wary of praising the top dog, as he or she may feel that that is their signal that it is okay to bully the other dog. Sometimes the fights between your two dogs may become quite serious.

    This can occur especially if you had to equally dominant dogs. If you feel you are unable to control these disputes, then you may need to call a professional canine behaviorist. Training to dogs in one home can be quite a challenge. This being said, many of the dog training principles remain the same. The important thing to note is that you may need to train your dogs separately but incorporate their respective names to the commands. So this means if you were to ask your dog to "sit" for example, you would teach your dog that command "Rex sit".

    This is so if you needed to control one dog when both of your dogs are together, then your command will be heard by the appropriate dog. Another trick is training and managing two dogs in one home is to work with them separately. This means if you were going for a walk or you wanted to play with your dog, you should do this separately. Doing this will show your dogs that they individually are loved and appreciated by their owner.


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