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When you read the Boston terrier information in books and web sites, you may get only part of the story. You’ll find out about the history, standards and characteristics of Bostons. However, any Boston terrier lover will tell you that words can not convey the loving, playful, and even clownish nature of Bostons.

When you read all the Boston terrier information, you’ll learn that the origin of the breed in Boston Massachusetts is truly an American story. In about 1865, some coachmen for wealthy people in Boston decided to try and get good fighting dogs by breeding experiments with their bosses’ dogs (probably without permission, but we don’t know for sure). The coachmen bred the English bulldog with the now extinct white English terrier. Their offspring were then bred with French bull dogs. Regardless of the original intent of coachmen over 150 years ago, our present-day Bostons are sweet and loving little dogs.

Boston terrier information tells us that Bostons are known as “the American Gentleman” because of their dapper appearance and gentle nature. Many people say that the black and white Bostons look like they are wearing little tuxedos. Bostons also come in brindle and white or brown or white. Photos and videos are probably your best source of Boston terrier information about how adorable Bostons are.

The intelligence of Bostons and the ease of training them is described in all the Boston terrier information. Articles and books will also tell you what good family dogs Bostons are. They are not necessarily for everyone, however, because they are not outdoor dogs. They are quite sensitive to heat and cold. They have a lot of energy that they need to burn and so they need people willing to play with them.

What the words in Boston terrier information can not convey is how sweet and clownish Bostons are. You can get a sense of that in every Boston terrier videos on YouTube. To really understand why Bostons are so popular, call your local Boston breeder and ask if you can stop by to meet his or her Bostons. If you’re intending to get a rescue dog, check with a local Boston terrier rescue group about meeting one of their dogs. You will learn more that way than reading any words on paper or the web. Once you see them, you’ll experience the gentle, loving, and clownish nature of Bostons, and you’ll want to buy one of the Boston puppies for sale or sign the Boston terrier adoption papers.

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