Cintronella Bark Collar, a Humane Solution to Hush Pets

A great alternative to sonic and ultrasonic, as well as to electronic bark collars, is the Cintronella spray collar.

The Principle Behind citronella bark collar

Cintronella bark collars have a mechanism that allows them to use a citrus spray, that triggers at the vibrations of the dog’s barking. Once your dog starts barking, the sensor will activate and will spurt scented oil under the dog’s chin. Being strong scented, cintronella surprizes the dog and controls its tendency to bark relentlessly.

Types of Cintronella Bark Collars

citronella anti bark collar comes in two different versions - one that is sensitive to sound and another one that can be controlled by a remote.

The remote citrus collar allows the owner of the dog to control the spraying via clicking a button, while the collar provided with sound sensors automatically releases the spray. The remote control model is extremelly appreciated by dog owners, as it gives them the possibility to control the dog’s behavior in many other circumstances, such as encounters with strangers, or chewing footgear.

Irrespective of the model used, in the long run, the dog learns that its act of barking endlessly or involvement in unwanted behaviors subjects it to the strong scent. Apart from annoying the dog, it will feel no other discomfort produced by the collar.

Advantages of Cintronella Bark Collars

1. This type of collar allows you to control your dog’s behaviour without using painful methods.

2. You can easily purchase citrus refills from any pet store in your area.

3. Despite having an aggressive smell, the citrus scent poses no danger to either you or your dog.

4. The scent of the spray does not irritate/agitate the people around.

To put it in a nutshell: The information above is meant to cast some light over the principles citrus bark collars use. Pet owners can expect to get the basics related to this type of anti bark collar from this article. The information above contains useful descriptions of the two types of citrus collars, the mechanisms they use and their advantages.  

citronella bark collar is a good alternative to other methods of controlling a dog’s barking. Moreover, the remote version allows the dog owner to inhibit various other annoying dog behaviors, such as chewing objects or attacking strangers. Click here to find more information on the citronella anti bark collar.

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