Does Your Dog Need a Bark Collar?

If your pet barks a lot without apparent reason, you might want to do something about it since it can really annoy and upset your neighbors and even your family members.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

First of all, see why your dog is barking. What triggers the barking? Is it people walking past the house or yard? Is it boredom? If you can eliminate the underlying issue, you might not need a collar for your barking dog.

Punishing your dog for barking can be counterproductive if the reason for barking is stress. Try using positive training techniques instead. For example, you can stay next to your dog and calm it down while at the same time activating a stimulus, like a ringing phone, or a big group of people, so that it gets used to it and loses its fear. You might even ask for advice or help from a professional dog handler.

How Bark Collars Work

Some owners find that using a bark collar is effective in reducing excessive barking that isn’t related to stress. Three different methods are available, as well as combinations of methods for even greater effectiveness.

The first one involves a spray of citrus smell when the dog barks. Some Bark collars even give the dog a warning “hiss” so that they can learn to avoid the smell entirely.

Other types of anti barking collars use ultrasound waves that can only be heard by the dog and that is activated whenever the dog starts barking. Dogs dislike this sound, and they eventually stop barking in order to make the sound stop.

Lastly, electronic collars give a small electrical shock whenever the dog barks or when the owner uses a remote control. It doesn’t hurt the dog, but it can deter barking.
Barking Collars are a good method for teaching a dog to behave and to reduce excessive barking. They can work by citronella spray, sonic / ultrasonic sounds, or electronic static. You can safely select any of these three, as they are all harmless to your dog, yet very useful for dog training.

Bark collars are very good tools to help you reduce excessive barking. Just make sure that the barking isn’t caused by stress, anxiety, or health issues. You can learn more about Barking Collars on the Internet or from a professional dog trainer.

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