How to Find the Best Bark Control Collar

If you have started to become annoyed by the insistent barking of your dog, then you should think of a solution fast. Yes, there are other options, but will they work for you? It depends on the situation.

Why Does Your Dog Bark So Often?

Before resorting to a solution for the excessive barking, you need to find the underlying cause of your dog’s behavior. Sometimes dog bark because they are scared, lonely or simply too aggressive. If you think your dog barks because one of these reasons, then a bark control collar will not solve the problem. These things can be dealt with other ways, like proper training and attention.

On the other hand, if the animal barks because of boredom, then the collar is the right thing to purchase.

Choosing A Bark Control Collar

If you made up your mind and decided to choose a bark collar, you should know there are three popular options of collars. bark control collars either use simple mechanisms to control barking, or combinations of techniques.

One type of efficient bark collar is the one using citronella smell. Dogs don’t like this smell, and, over time, the dog will avoid having the smell around them. There are types of citronella collars that also produce a hissing sound before spraying the citrus, and your dog will stop barking even sooner.

Electronic collars will shock the dog when it barks. The shock itself does not pose any danger to your dog, but it will annoy it enough to learn fast that it needs to stop barking. Many of these electronic collars stop sending shocks after a while, so you do not need to handle it manually.

Another great alternative is the sonic or ultrasonic bark collar that uses the sound mechanism. The dog doesn’t like the high pitched sound and will stop barking to get it to end.

One of the biggest benefits of a bark control collar is that the dog will be being trained all the time, not just when the owners are around. Therefore, training your dog will not interfere with your daily routine.

If your dog is barking from fear, aggression, or loneliness, there are ways to train them out of barking so much. bark control dog collars only work for those dogs that bark because they are bored or used to constantly barking. Either it is ultrasonic/sonic, electronic or with citronella spray, any of these collars will teach your dog to stop barking all the time.  

Before using bark control collars you need to figure out why your dog barks so often. Bark collars come in different versions, using a single method of a combination of mechanisms. You can read more about bark control dog collars here.



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