Should I Buy a Bark Collar for My Dog?

Not all dogs who bark need bark collars or other anti-barking solutions. Before rushing out to purchase an anti-barking item, you first need to find out why your dog is so loud. Sometimes they have very good reasons for barking (besides the obvious that they are dogs and that is what dogs do!) such as being left outside or perhaps they are lonely, bored, hungry or thirsty. Dog may bark simply because they are curious about what is happening on the other side of the fence.

For some dogs it’s actually a learned behavior which is negatively reinforced by giving the dogs extra attention with doggie treats or extra TLC in hopes of pacifying and quieting them down, when what is really happening is that it is teaching the dogs that this is indeed a good behavior and that if they want more attention, all they need to do is to continue barking all the more.

A bark collar is often regarded as something similar to a regular dog collar, that might hurt the dog by subjecting it to uncomfortable pressure. As I learned more and more about the variety of bark collar choices I began to breathe a bit easier when I discovered there were actually a few different types of bark collars and not all had even the slightest amount of “zap” to it. When you compare the different bark collars keep in mind a few things. You might want to know that bark collars do not have to be worn all the time and they are a less painful alternative to, let’s say, a debarking surgery.

This kind of medical intervention is rather invasive and consists of cutting off a part of the dog’s larynx that is responsible for creating the barking sound. After being subjected to the surgery, dogs will not bark as loud as before. Vets might present you this option in an attractive manner, yet you should carefully think about it. Let’s say your dog got outside of the house and happened to be found in a situation with a bigger dog or pack of dogs or even worse, a coyote or other aggressive animal. What good is a whispering type bark going to do to call for help or defend your dog at that point? A mere whispering bark does not have nearly the aggressiveness that is called for as a mean growl or loud incessant barks. In addition, surgery isn’t successful in 100% of the cases and sometimes it only works for a few months. It is also an uncomfortable, even painful procedure.

On the other hand, anti-bark collars come in more varieties and you can find one that fits your preferences. Among all types of bark collars, the one with citrus spray is the most recommended. It works because the dog really dislikes its smell and will tone down its barking when it smells the citrus. The hissing sound startles them and they are also not fond of the smell. This way the dog knows it is time it stopped making noise even before the spraying starts. Some university studies have proven the citronella barking collars are at least two times as effective as what are known as shock collars. In the end, you are the one to decide what you prefer. A rough method such as the shock collar or just an annoying smell.

There are situations where dogs use their barking as a defensive strategy. If you are annoyed by your dog’s constant barking, there are plenty of bark collar varieties you can choose from. Please click this link for emore information on bark collar models.

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