Tips to Remember During Boston Terrier Training

Achieving successful results in Boston Terrier training is not impossible due to this breed’s characteristics. Apart from the fact that they are considered one of the most intelligent breeds, they also like to learn therefore making training one step easier. But despite these characteristics, it is always the owner’s responsibility to ensure the success of the training because dogs, regardless of their intelligence or their eagerness to learn may not always be successful in training if appropriate Boston Terrier training is not properly provided.

Start Young.

The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not entirely true because dogs, regardless of age, can learn new things if appropriate training is provided. However, dog experts recommend early training because dogs, just like humans are much more receptive to new behaviors when young. And besides, training you puppies is easier than training older dogs because young ones have not yet developed bad manners that are sometimes hard to break. You can start socializing your dog at around three weeks of age while learning tricks and commands should start at around eight weeks of age.

Appropriate Training.

A dog owner can learn various training tips and methods from various sources such as a fellow dog owner, veterinarians, books or magazines and of course from the internet. But among these various tips and methods, can you determine what’s best for your dog? Dog owners must bear in mind that not all training tips and methods available are effective. Some maybe effective to you but not to others, or the other way around. Positive training is highly recommended and as much as possible, giving punishment should be avoided. But whatever training method you prefer, just make sure that your dog responds better to it.


Your attitude plays an important role to the success of your Boston Terrier training. You must be consistent, patient and gentle. Successful training cannot be attained within an hour or two. You need to be patient and believe that you will be successful someday soon. Losing your patient in training at the same time being inconsistent and harsh to your dog may cause you frustrations and you give up the training.

These training tips maybe simple but knowing them will definitely help you achieve positive result in Boston Terrier training.

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