Recipes for Homemade Dog Food

December 28th, 2011

It is understandable that responsible dog owners only want the best for their beloved pets. After the pet food recall that had happened, many pet owners are trying to learn how to make homemade dog food. They believe that by making their own homemade canine food they can help their pets avoid the potential harm that can result from the intake of contaminated commercial foods.

We cannot blame pet owners if they shun commercial dog foods away from the diet of their pets. In a way, they have made a wise decision. Recipes for homemade dog foods usually contain ingredients that are natural and are therefore safe. Apart from this, dogs can be given optimum vitamins and minerals since homemade pet foods can be cooked according to the vitamin and mineral requirement needed by the animal.

A variety of recipes for homemade canine foods can be found in the Internet. Dog owners can browse websites and see for themselves which recipe will be best for their pet. They can try cooking all these recipes or choose only those which fit their budget. However, before giving their pets any homemade foods, they should consult the veterinarian first and ask if the food they will be giving their pet will better give the animal the nutrients it needs. The veterinarian can give advice on the proper preparation of the homemade food. In addition, prior to shifting completely into homemade dog recipes, the owner must see to it that his canine friend is ready for the change in his diet. Abrupt dietary changes may result to problems of indigestion and upset stomach.

There are many ways of making homemade pet foods. Some of these ways may be costly but some can be very affordable. If you want a recipe that is friendly to your budget, try some of these following tips.

1. Look for the ingredient that is on sale in the market. For example, if a certain kind of meat is on sale in the market you can make your dog food from this meat. Mix and cook this meat with other ingredients and your dog food is ready to go.

2. Look first in your kitchen if there are available ingredients there that may be good for your homemade dog recipe. This way, you do not have to buy and shell out any money for your pet’s food. 

3. Use your left-over meat or rice for your homemade recipe. You can save a lot from this.

4. Buy ingredients in bulk. This way, you can save a few cents.

You only need to be creative to be able to make homemade dog food that will fit your budget. Recipes for homemade dog foods don’t need to be costly. There are ingredients that can be bought at a lesser price but can still give the daily nutrient requirement of your pet. You can also turn to your existing supply in the kitchen and make your pet food from what can be found there.

Melissa Simmonds is a pet lover. She has made several recipes for homemade dog food and made them for her dogs herself. Ever since she has learned how to make homemade dog food she has been feeding her dogs dog food that she had made herself.

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Letting Moggy Out via the Cat Doors

December 27th, 2011

Pussies tend to be popular pets at home simply because of their sweet and even enchanting physical appearance as well as their plushy coat. Still, there are certain feline behaviors as well as features that could not likely sit too well for owners just like the undesirable smell of kitty pee and stools together with the uncontrollable need to travel outdoor in order to chase rodents. Fortunately, cat doors are for sale for installment.

Feline flaps, as these kinds of little doorways may also be referred to as, are just lightweight flaps set right into doors, wall structure, in addition to windows, which then allow straightforward accessibility to outdoor and indoor locations where the cats and kittens are with an interest. There are many kinds of kitty flaps available on the market including weighted flaps, infrared entry doors and even electromagnetic flaps, and all of these have actually their pros and cons when it comes to expense, efficiency and servicing.

Access to Outdoor and indoor Regions

As mentioned before, the well-known advantage of kitty flaps stands out as the straightforward accessibility towards the outdoor and indoor locations offered to the pet cats. Your cat can easily get to and then out of your home even without the need for your help in opening all of the front door. A person will subsequently be able to conduct other sorts of household jobs rather than continually being at the service of an pet cat every time it wishes to get in or out.

Let’s take an example. You are in the middle of doing the washing, cooking the food plus cleaning up the residence yet your cat would like to travel outdoors to actually have a poop or perhaps delight in the heat of the sunrays. You should not be cut off one too many moments in order to open the front door for your cat since it can easily go outdoors - or in, for example - by way of the feline entry.

This is especially true when you are in the middle of a peaceful rest, a favorite tv program, or possibly a good book. You possibly can teach your personal cat in what manner in which it has to move on the inside as well as outside while not your own help and currently being the intelligent creature that it is, just a couple of guidelines may be all you need.

It’s not necessary to even have to worry about the bad weather, snow as well as chilly getting into your home utilizing cat doors. It is because feline flaps are able to close on their own through either a hinged method or by means of slipping doors. Most pussy flaps have alloy casings which usually seal firmly into place should they be not being used, thus, stopping wintry weather as well as other natural factors from leaking into the house.

Maintain Pets Separate

That is the advantage that a lot owners won’t think of up to it actually is staring them in the face. You are able to maintain your domestic pets - particularly the cat along with a dog - separate considering the perfect solution and placement concerning pussy flaps. Notice that also a mid-sized dog won’t accommodate with some sort of feline flap planned for a large cat.

Contemplate this scenario: Your cat and dog behave like, well, cats and dogs do - always ready for the rough rumble. To offer your personal moggy the benefit of having a more safe location to conceal away from your dog should the need arises, you may put in a cat flap inside one of the doors inside of the home, say, the underground room. This can at the same time apply to maintaining your cat away from your canine while the previous is usually consuming its meals.

Certainly, cat doors have many advantages that you ought to make the most of today.

Natural Raw Dog Food Recipe - the Best for Your Dog

December 26th, 2011

A raw dog food recipe is the best thing for you to make for your canine when you want to provide them a natural diet. Many dog owners do not know about the great benefits that a natural diet can offer their pets or what kind of things should be included in a natural diet. This is where a good raw dog food recipe comes into play.

Canines are originally hunters by nature but they have been changed to be domestic animals. Since the dog no longer has any need to hunt for food because of the owners feeding them each day, the canine miss out on the raw meat they grew to enjoy. A raw dog food recipe can assist the owner in creating a meal for their canine that gives them the right amount of what they need without all the junk that goes into the typical store brand dog food.

It is essential that dogs get a raw dog food recipe to keep them healthy. In the wild, the hunt produces raw meat that is not cooked like the food is today. Cats can also be fed a raw diet as they come from the same background as the dogs in that they are natural predatory animals.

Ingredients included in a raw dog food recipe might be a raw meat of some kind, pureed vegetables, whole grains which have been cooked, oil, and others. The raw meat is usually form raw chicken or beef.
A raw dog food recipe gives large benefits to your animal. It helps to increase their energy level, a healthy running immune system and digestive tract, teeth and gums that are cleaner looking, skin and coats that appear healthier, and stools that move easier.

Your canine will love this new diet made from the natural things they need and have been deprived of for so long. It gives them a natural diet they can benefit from. By providing your canine with a natural raw dog food recipe each day, you are taking the additives, fillers, preservatives, and other harsh ingredients that could rob him of extra years.

You might not be knowing that most of the dog diseases are due to bad dog food. Prepare the best healthy dog food recipe for your dog. Dog Food Secrets is a guide that explains the healthy homemade dog food recipes with pictures. Check out Dog Food Secrets Review and don’t let your dog die young.

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Boston Public Market

December 26th, 2011

This video was shot on the opening day of the Boston Public Market. This is the Farmer's Market that Patti the Garden Girl participates in.

Produced by: Patti Moreno the Garden Girl
Sponsored by: The Rodale Institute Distributed by Tubemogul.

Duration : 1 min 15 sec

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Recipes for Home Cooked Dog Diets - What You Don’t Know Is Killing Your Dog

December 25th, 2011

Recipes for home cooked dog diets may be the answer you are looking for to help remedy your dog’s nutritional health problems. Even if your dog currently isn’t experiencing any health problems, you can often give them a longer, happier life by preparing home cooked meals that provide the proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Home cooked meals may sound like a hassle, but the large variety of ready-made, commercial dog foods available on the market today could be dramatically shortening the lifespan of your puppy.

When feeding your dog commercial dog foods, how do you know that the company producing the feed truly cares about your dog? In this day and age, it’s not always about the nutritional health of your dog. Instead, it becomes a matter of trying to make an extra buck to boost profits.

This often leads to the use of cheap, inferior ingredients that have little nutritional value. Plus, many dog foods are loaded with preservatives, additives, artificial colors, and filler ingredients that may actually be harmful to your dog. The premium brand dog foods that actually do provide a high quality product are often too expensive to purchase on a regular basis. When you opt for a cheaper food, you risk missing out on critical ingredients that promote good healthy joints, bones, teeth, and gums.

By using a variety of recipes for home cooked dog diets, you can ensure that your puppy or adult dog gets the right mixture of ingredients to provide proper nutrition. The cost is often cheaper too because your dog won’t have to eat as much to get the same nutritional value from the food. Improper nutrition can lead to all sorts of ailments such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, seizures, poisoning, and worst of all, death. Is it worth the risk?

Recipes for home cooked dog diets also allow you to provide your dog with a large variety of different meals. There are hundreds of meals you can come up with easily and cheaply that your dog will absolutely love. Every dog has unique needs and providing your dog with a “all in one” commercial solution may not be the best idea.

Before you go to the store and pick up that next bag of dog food consider what’s really inside. There could be a large difference between what’s actually in the food versus what the commercial companies want you to believe is in the food. Just like your own health depends on the foods you decide to stick in your own body, so too does your dog’s.

Prepare your dog for a longer, happier life: Home Cooked Recipes

If you want to discover in one day over 100 healthy recipes for home cooked dog diets that will dramatically improve your dog’s overall health, then an excellent resource you should visit and bookmark right now is

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Some Great Benefits of Utilizing Anti Barking Collars

December 24th, 2011

Anti barking collars are employed by a large number of people who own dogs who seem to find them to be remarkably helpful and also fully gentle towards the family dog. A number of dogs enjoy to reveal they are really highly vocal and often will bark at everything for no explanation whatsoever. Although this is an especially purely natural factor to your pet dog to be doing, it could actually develop into a habitual pattern, that is challenging to break down. You ought to get to educate your canine that there is definitely a proper as well as incorrect time to be woofing.

Controlling your barking dog may seem tricky; nonetheless, should you use the appropriate bark training collars it truly is very easy. It’s important to determine early on together with your family dog who’s the pack boss, and also that it will obey what you point out. Most dogs do enjoy rules and will eventually respond advisable to them if there is a treat and also aversive working out method applied. All of the collars for dogs will allow you to educate your pet when is actually correct and wrong moments to start barking.

Regardless of whether your pet dog is barking at all of the next door neighbors, passing guests or just by monotony, you have to halt the shouting prior to when it becomes a major concern. Your canine friend woofing could possibly be troubling your friends, and also your relatives, which conduct should not be tolerated. For this reason, making use of the anti bark dog collars is actually a great method to teach the dog, as well as obtain peace at home. There are plenty of occasions where your puppy should preferably start barking; yet, you need to help them learn just what exactly these would be and what are the results if they start barking during all the other moments.

Your pets will soon discover that whenever they are actually having on this collar, and then they commence to start barking this particular unruly behavior is going to start a method of punition. The aim is to enable your pet dog to realize that shouting will cause this procedure. Soon your family dog definitely will understand that its too much barking is causing undesirable sensations. Dogs figure out very easily and want to perform the suitable things in order to really help make their owners happy. For that reason, pay back guidance works so effectively with pet dogs, and whenever you use the training collars you’ve got the most beneficial connected with either sides. You’ll be able to break your pet dog from its undesirable habits and also discipline it merely to start barking at the appropriate time.

The dog will have to be allowed to start barking when it should, even so, not excessively to actually disturb other folks. The particular anti barking collars are simple to fit and very secure for one’s dog to have on. The pets won’t actually realize they’ve got a different variety of training collar on right up until they bark. The little shock that could be administrated to your own pet dog is simply not debilitating and definately will train the application that woofing is just not authorized. The particular dog collar will in addition buzz prior to the zap occurs; as a result, many canines determine what is going to occur and may, in truth,cease shouting prior to when the jolt occurs.

Utilizing the appropriate training collar is essential, and you will have to be sure that the training collar suits well and that you fully understand how to use it. Once the dog collar is at place, many pet owners have been impressed by how quickly the barking problems have ended. Everyone in the household and surrounding areas is much happier.

The Way in Which Bark Control Collars for Dogs Result in Improved Puppy Training

December 23rd, 2011

Bark control collars, which you’ll find often known as anti-bark collars for dogs, must be employed to control the excessive barking behavior of dogs. These kind of collars may be found in three key types, namely, wartrol, electrical as well as ultrasonic collars for dogs, and all of these have their benefits and drawbacks while in use. Suffice it to say that anti-bark collars are usually frequently used for really good explanations notably among certified dog trainers and hunters. Outlined in this article, the key benefits of anti-bark dog collars from the perspective of expert dog trainers and also hunters who use dogs on their hunts are for sure talked about. Take note that these types of advantages complement each other specifically where both of these sets of folks are interested.

Serenity within the Vicinity

Let us initially look at the noticeable benefit for anti-bark collars pertaining to trainers or dog owners. If you reside in a locality where standard tranquility mainly during the night time is the required attitude by way of the people resident, your pet dog that barks endlessly or incorrectly will end up an annoyance. You ought to avoid being the stereotypical lousy neighbor, hence, work with the bark control receiver collar with your pet dog. Additionally, there are local communities imposing high charges upon these kinds of nuisances and you also wish to keep away from paying, too. Even though you may stay in a farm where neighbors are several miles away, you will definitely want to deal with excessive as well as inappropriate barking out of your canine. You want a canine which usually barks in the correct time, say, as soon as a thief is getting close to your home rather than at anything that moves including a leaf.

Relaxed Attitude for all the Pets

These days, when you’ve got dogs in your kennel that can be in the process of puppy obedience training and/or tracking puppy training, anti-bark collars are needed, also, for a lot of reasons.

First, pet dogs that have already anti-bark dog collars to govern their particular woofing routine are typically more mellow inside of and out of the kennel. Remember the fact that serene canines tend to be alert to their particular environment including their particular masters together with other dogs. The canines are in that case simpler to instruct over the field since they will be more responsive to the correct tips. By way of example, a good sporting dog is able to get to hear the directions from its trainer due to the fact it has come to understand to be noiseless at the correct time. You really should in that case get an easier time finding your vocals listened to instead of working to outshout your pet dog.

Second, canines which can manage their very own shouting habits based on their particular well timed answers to the anti-bark training collar are certainly more physically active during their exercise sessions. Let’s face it. Woofing is a strenuous activity that, any time carried out far too much, may well pipe the power from dogs participating in it. When the pet dogs will already be in the field of operation, you’ll find a hard time coaxing them in to the right physical reaction since their energies have already been redirected elsewhere. This can be one thing that you really can avoid due to the accurate utilization of anti-bark collars.

The bark control collars make certain that the dogs will certainly be the subject of disagreeable sensations including the citronella spray, the static zap as well as the ultrasonic sound, that will actually then make them remain in their tracks, as they say. During a small amount of instances, the pets will likely then hook up the facts between receiving the distressing sensations and their barks. This is where the above outlined benefits may be found in.

Dog Barking Collars

December 22nd, 2011

In order to impress on your own pet dog that you are the bunch leader and have to be highly regarded and observed you need to insist prominence, and yet apply it lightly along with adoringly. Most dogs are actually pack creatures which usually regard and also desire the order that occurs from realizing their particular position in just a social group. Every single hound, sooner or later, definitely will challenge the human bunch persons so as to appraise where exactly it sits inside of the social packing arrangement. The men and women hence should have means to maintain as well as reassert dominance when necessary.

Canines demonstrate unique habits in the wild, influenced by his or her position in the group structure. Dogs which have been guards will probably bark to notify others about threat or perhaps to chase off provocations. Pet dogs bark so as to present site to one another. The vocalization therefore will have an all natural situation inside the pack social functionality. Take a canine beyond a canine group, and then relocate it into the human household, and you are left with a dog that still will try to satisfy group positions like safeguarding. Your canine barks to express adjustments to its habitat which is usually a genuine thing for it to complete.

For the reason that humankind do not invariably belong to similar pack (family) nevertheless are living in quite close quarters, normally in order to help to make living with a dog entirely possible, we should workout unnatural habits. There is great discussion about precisely how to manage this practice, however any pooch owner can tell you that it’s a need to possess a well socialized hound. Teaching your dog ought to be gentle in process. This really is an element that no-one, wherever, contests. We all never need to cause harm to the hound, however we all do prefer persistent and also effective final results.

Lots of procedures work with lots of pet dogs, yet no single approach works for each and every hound. Utilizing dog barking collars or e-collars as an element of some sort of reward/aversive exercise program actually is far less demanding on the canine than equivalent products or even approaches. Lots of studies have pointed out that these collars for dogs efficiently enhance training courses effectiveness to more than 90 percent, well above the percentages that a lot of different approaches enjoy.

The key of employing almost any tool or way is knowing the pack procedure and employing it to successfully assert yourself as being the group head within the animal’s eyes. This prominence needs to be established early on and also kept along. Pack prominence is sometimes declared through aggression, fights, and even bluffing doings. Men and women usually have absolutely no way to compete at the doggie’s standard this then is how dog barking collars as an aversive method may help. The pet dogs ought to realize that you manipulate the device since you set it up to them. Even if your canines will not, one more compensation is that you simply take it away of them.

A real bunch head could possibly halt some sort of competiteur by having a roar including a nip, and the individual in a similar fashion puts a stop to unwelcome behavior by using a command word and even unpleasant sensations. Unlike the pack, where good behavior could easily get the weaker members waste coming from a hunt, the human chief should provide goodies for the pooch as a treat each time good conduct is accomplished. These devices prolong beyond use as anti-barking resources and can also become part of a total training system to teach limits, prevent digging or some other damaging routines, and to re-enforce which things are likely to be paid and which aren’t.

This Is Why You Should Give Vegetarian Dog Food to Your Dog

December 21st, 2011

There is a growing number of vegetarians today as people realize more and more of the benefits of eating less or completely getting rid of meat on their diet. Because of this, most of us begin to wonder if it will be a good idea to do the same with our pet dogs. But as we all know, dogs are born carnivorous. They may also eat vegetables and fruits but their bodies are meant to feed more on meat, aren’t they?

Because of this, many dog owners are quite hesitant about providing their dogs a purely vegetarian diet. They think that their pet would not be able to get all the nutrients that its body requires and thus cause illnesses or deficiencies. However, there are some dogs with specific health conditions like allergies that may need to eat vegetarian dog food.

Dogs are very much known as carnivores but they can also survive even without meat as long as they are provided with a balanced diet and possibly with supplement.

There are large numbers of dogs today which are allergic to pet foods with meat content, some have difficulty digesting protein rich foods making them good candidates for a vegetarian diet. Owners attest to the good benefits of this diet, some of them claim that their dogs became less prone to heart and kidney diseases. On the other hand, some owners say that it also has some drawbacks. This meat-free diet may lead to serious complications such as mineral, vitamin and protein deficiencies, weak immune system and limp bones. One thing more, dogs are very active creatures and so protein is a very essential part of their diet.

Although there are some dog owners who have provided this diet and have been successful, always keep in mind that what’s true to a sample may not be applicable to the whole. Your dog’s response may not be the same with theirs. Always look out for signs of imbalances or deficiencies. Monitor your dog’s adjustment to ensure that there are no problems to the diet switch. Indicators are allergies that may cause flaky dull coat, low energy level and difficulty in digesting. Also, feed your dogs with this gradually to allow your dog ample time to cope up.

Below are some ingredients you may include in your dog’s vegetarian dog food meal:

1. Vegetables
Give your dog green vegetables to boost his immune system. You may serve these raw or if you want to cook it, just heat it slightly to retain their nutrients. Always wash them thoroughly to get rid of bacteria.

2. Fruits
Fruits will provide your dog necessary vitamins and minerals and a whole lot of antioxidants. They also contain fibers much needed in proper digestion. However, be careful of some fruits that may not be too good for your acidic dog so consult the veterinarian first.

3. Grains
You may need to add grains as a source of starch on your dog’s diet to ensure a well-balanced diet. Brown rice is preferred especially for diabetic dogs.

4. Yogurt
If you want to totally get rid of meat then adding yogurt is a good idea as it will provide your dog the necessary protein and calcium he needs. It also contains prebiotics which are good for the tummy.

To learn more about what your dog should it go to my vegetarian dog food website at Homemade Dog Food

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Bark Collars

December 20th, 2011

There will be a time in most pet owner’s life when he or she gets a great dog having just one drawback, he or she barks at just about every single tiny thing. There are a number of techniques for teaching your dog, eventhough stopping his or her normal tendency to vocalize and let you know whenever there are things going on round the space very likely is going to take much more time and effort as compared to lowering some other nasty, just like chewing on your personal house shoes.

Usually, professionals consent that one should instruct basic obedience before seeking to treat challenges. For those who have a doggie which does not view you as a pack head in that case no technique of non-barking instruction will likely be effective. When you know your dog has basic obedience commands mastered and will certainly sit, heel, and stay on demand then first try out the quiet or shush command term. In order to use this effectively you have to be aware of some things: precisely why your canine friend barks, when your family dog barks, and also what type of characteristics you would rather have it has. Regardless of way, whether it’s using bark collars, clickers, or even incentive systems of some sort, make sure that you use positive re-enforcement to get very good conduct.

Spending time to spot what causes the particular shouting from the very first can take off a lot of potential issues. Firstly understand that dogs bark for no less than five different motives. Determining what is bringing about the woofing is the initial step to preventing it by means of changing it for an alternative habitual pattern. This type of causes contain communicating with the pack there’s a specific thing out of sorts about, an effort to daunt any identified danger, to get attention because they’re bored, hungry or maybe lonesome, to show indecision, pain, or even stress, or for simple amusement.

Having identified how come your pet barks, you may then shift directly into breaking this behavior. Pet dogs are actually beings of habit and each physical punishment combined with pay back counts towards showing the dog if the conduct is correct or not. You must now to apply the strategy decided on constantly in order for it to operate. Not only you need to apply it your entire family should do so as well. Bear in mind, your family dog does not comprehend what you are saying. Somewhat they correlate sounds created by an individual with positive goodies and also negative consequence, and will eventually react consequently.

Be aware that yelling at your dog with regards to shouting must appear like you are only woofing along with her or him, therefore don’t engage in the particular unruly conduct personally. Train your pet dog to answer essential orders and after that make use of them as soon as your dog barks. Reward the dog for the good following of any order. You should always be giving them work out, play period of time, as well as handled discovery hours. Taking walks are very effective for this. This bonding times together with your family dog is able to reduce shouting as a result of emotional stress as well as dullness.

Another point to take into account is what sorts of objects are generally successful for the specific circumstance you happen to be in. If you want to control your pet in certain settings, like hunting maybe, and the doggie is in a foreign setting, then simply bark collars may well be the best option. Utilizing puzzle toys to make the dog obtain his or her food will not work in the reality of a hunting dog while in the field that barks at the wrong time.